Yodel Contact Number – 0844 755 0117

Call the free Yodel contact number on 0844 755 0117 if you have any queries about any of the services that you have received from the parcel delivery company, including any problems you may have had with your delivery or any issues you have with sorting your future deliveries.


Yodel is a delivery service company in the UK that was originally known as the Home Delivery Network until it rebranded itself as Yodel in 2010. It is one of the UK’s largest couriers and is privately owned by the Barclay Brothers.

Yodel Customer Services – 0844 755 0117

If you’re a Yodel customer you might find yourself in the position where you need to contact their customer services team for whatever reason. There could be any number of reasons that you find yourself calling the team, as you might want to simply discuss a general enquiry with them, which you can do by calling 0844 755 0117.

Track your order – 0844 755 0117

You can call the Yodel customer services team if you want help with tracking your order, as you might have trouble following the tracking process or could need help to understand how the tracking process works, which the customer services team can explain to you.

Delivery Problems – 0844 755 0117

If you have had a problem with your delivery and are worried about losing an item, or are having a problem with the delivery that you accepted, then you can call the customer services team and they can help you figure out whatever has happened.

Rearrange Delivery – 0844 755 0117

If you have missed your parcel delivery for whatever reason, or you fear that you will miss your future delivery and would like to rearrange the time and date that it is delivered then the customer services team can help you there.

Yodel Depots – 0844 755 0117

The Yodel customer services team can give you information on Yodel depots so that you can collect your parcel from your nearest Yodel depot if you need to, which can be useful if you find that you won’t be able to accept your delivery at the address you provided and will find it easier to collect the delivery instead.

YodelDirect – 0844 755 0117

If you wish to use YodelDirect to send a parcel, then you can call the customer services team and they can help you understand how to set up your order to be delivered with Yodel. You can also call them here if you’ve had a problem while using YodelDirect, or if you would like to leave a complaint about YodelDirect.

Delivery Complaints and Issues – 0844 755 0117

If you have received your delivery from Yodel and have noticed that it has been damaged before it has reached you, then by calling the customer services team you can find out what you should do to move forward in sorting out your issue. If you have received your delivery and are unhappy with the product or service you’ve received and have decided that you would like to return the item then you can organise this by speaking to the Yodel customer services team and organising a pickup time for your item. If you would like to exchange an item that you’ve received the Yodel customer services team can also help you with that as well as possible.

Yodel Client – 0844 755 0117

If you want to become a Yodel client and would like to know what the requirements and best application processes are then you can call the Yodel customer services team who will give you all of the information and advice that you need. If you’re already a Yodel client and need to discuss your relationship with Yodel with one of their customer services team members then you can call them to discuss whatever you need.


Yodel Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0844 755 0117 Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm

Other ways to contact Yodel

You might find that you would prefer not to talk to Yodel over the phone, and that’s perfectly fine as they provide the opportunity to contact them over the internet instead. If you want to use their social media account, then you can message them on Twitter where a member of the team will be ready to respond to you. You can also contact them on their live chat feature which will put you in immediate contact with a member of the customer services team who can help you with whatever you need. If you would rather write them a letter, then you can send it to this address:

Second Floor,
Atlantic Pavilion,
Albert Dock,
L3 4AE

and a customer services team member will answer your problems as quickly as possible.