Xbox Contact Number – 0800 587 1102

To contact Xbox about a problem with your console, to discuss their products with a member of their team or to complain call 0800 587 1102

About Xbox

Xbox is a gaming brand made and owned by Microsoft, originally launched in 2001 it has quickly become one of the largest gaming consoles known worldwide with the first model reaching 24 million units sold in 2006. The Xbox released its second model the Xbox 360 in 2005 and has sold more than 80 million consoles worldwide, the newest model is the Xbox one which was released in 2013. Xbox is well known for its online services called Xbox live which allows you to talk and game with friends all around the world as well as giving you the ability to buy games, add ons and promotional content. As Xbox is owned by Microsoft if you are interested in working for Xbox you will need to look at the Microsoft careers website and search for jobs working with the Xbox team such as programming, researching and business development. When searching for jobs make sure you change the country or city criteria as Microsoft has many offices worldwide.

How to complain to Xbox

When searching the Xbox website to complain you will be directed to the contact us page where it will ask you ‘what type of issue are you having’ you must pick the appropriate answer from Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox on windows 10, Games, Billing, My Account, Legacy devices. once you have selected the correct option you will be asked to ‘pick the issue you are having from the list below’ depending on what you have chosen for step one you will be able to choose from a range of titles. When you have found the title that relates to your problem the most click on it and you will be given four contact options. You can use the online Xbox support chat (you will be told how many people are in line to talk to the support team), request a call from their support team (you will be told the wait time in minutes), post on the community support forums or tweet @xboxsupport which is available from 6am-12am.

Xbox warranty and services

With every console or accessories bought from the Xbox website or an authorised retailer (such as Argos or game) comes with a one-year warranty. Which means if your Xbox arrives faulty, develops a fault or breaks you’re covered for a full year after purchase. Microsoft will either repair your console or accessory or replace it. Microsoft will only replace or repair your device if it is faulty or broken this does not include cosmetic damages such as chips, cracks or scratches on devices or accessories. Microsoft also offers an extended service plan that will extend the warranty on your system but this must be bought at the time of the console and extends the warranty for 3 years as well as two controllers.

Xbox Live

If you have experienced problems with Xbox Live follow the instructions for making a complaint above for help. Xbox Live is the Xbox service that allows you to game and chat with your friends or strangers from all around the world. When logged into Xbox Live you can access multiplayer games that have live chat enabling you to hear other players if they have a headset connected and for you to talk to them if you connect your headset. You do not need a headset to hear the conversations of players who do and there is also the option to mute players. If you’re playing a multiplayer game and you experience negative behaviour, hacking or bullying you can report players on Xbox 360 by pressing the guide button going to friends then click the player’s tab, you can then click file a complaint and pick from a list of reasons for reporting select the one most relevant option and the player will be reported. On Xbox One you can report or block users by going to the home menu going to the friends tab and selecting recent players which will show you all players you have recently played with, when you find the player you believe has violated the Xbox Live code of conduct, select the reason why you would like to report the player and you may also submit a comment if you feel it is necessary. After filling a complaint you will receive a message in the messages tab when the complaint has been dealt with sometimes detailing the consequences for the player.

Contact Numbers for Xbox

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0800 587 1102 9am-10pm Mon-Fri
9am-8pm Saturday
9am-5pm Sunday