Vodafone Contact Number – 0333 304 0191

If you would like to contact Vodafone in regards to your mobile phone, SIM card, bill, broadband or to make a complaint call 0333 304 0191

About Vodafone

Vodafone made their first ever phone call in the UK on the 1st of January 1985 and now has over 400 million customers worldwide, operating in around 30 countries. In 2014 Vodafone transmitted 290 billion text, video and picture messages with 1.2 trillion minutes of calls, a huge milestone after their 29 years of mobile service. The Vodafone Foundation is helping to provide free primary and secondary education for 5 million children across Africa, The Vodafone Foundation is a registered charity that has been helping connect communities for 25 years with 27 foundations around the world and £40 million invested every year.

Working for Vodafone – 08080 408 408

If you’re interested in working for Vodafone you can look at the careers section of their website for job opportunities that are available. There are many benefits for working for Vodafone such as flexible finances, holiday entitlements, on the of the best maternity policies in the UK, discounts on shopping, free health assessments in a range of great facilities and discounts for you and your family on Vodafone products. Vodafone also offers a work experience and apprenticeship opportunities for young people ranging from in year 10 to A levels. If you’re in year 10 or aged 15-24 and are interested in doing 2 weeks unpaid work experience with Vodafone you can register your interest here and Vodafone will get back to you about availability. If you have just finished your GCSE’s or A-levels and are interested in doing an apprenticeship with Vodafone you can search and apply here or register your interest here. There are many benefits in doing an apprenticeship, you will either have an 18 month or 2-year placement in a variety of different working environments, you will earn a full qualification ranging from a diploma, an advanced apprenticeship, a level 4 apprenticeship or a foundation degree. Apprenticeships are paid and you will receive benefits whilst you’re in a placement with Vodafone. If you would like to speak to someone about applying for a job or placement at Vodafone or if you have some questions call 08080 408 408 to speak to a member of the customer service team who will be able to help you if you’re having a problem with applying or have any questions about working for Vodafone or applying for a job at Vodafone.

Complaining to Vodafone – 03333 041 524

If you have faced a problem with Vodafone’s service there are multiple ways you can complain.

Phone call

If you wish to speak to someone on the phone call 03333 041 524, calling Vodafone is the fastest way to make a complaint and to resolve your problems. Whilst on the phone to Vodafone make sure you have all necessary information such as account numbers, mobile numbers etc. to allow for a member of the team to deal with your complaint as quickly as possible. The representative will aim to resolve the issue during the call if that isn’t possible they will put your complaint through for further investigation. If an adviser cannot deal with your complaint you will need to speak to a manager. You will be contacted within 48 hours with a resolution, if your complaint has not been dealt with within 8 weeks you have the right to contact the Ombudsman to complain about Vodafone.


If you would prefer to email Vodafone your complaint, you can complete the easy online form here and a member of the team will get back to you within 48 hours of receiving your complaint.

Write a letter

If you would like to write Vodafone a letter of complaint you will need to include all your account information, a contact number, any times you are free to be called in case they need to talk to you on the phone about your complaint and a detailed description of the problem you have faced. A member of the team will contact you with a resolution within 5 working days, if it will take longer to resolve your issue you will be contacted and informed of how long they expect it to take, if the issue is not resolved within 8 weeks you have the right to contact the Ombudsman. Post your letter to:

Customer Relations Manager
Vodafone Limited
The Connection
RG14 2FN

Contacting the Ombudsman – 0330 440 1614

If your issue has not been resolved after 8 weeks of Vodafone receiving your complaint you have the right to contact the independent alternative dispute resolution service provided by the Ombudsman. If your complaint qualifies they will investigate it for free. You can request for Vodafone to send your complaint to the Ombudsman before within the 8 weeks but Vodafone reserve the right to insist to resolve your complaint themselves. The ombudsman can also refuse to investigate your complaint if they think it is outside their remit or if they think you have malicious intentions. To contact the Ombudsman you can call them on 0330 440 1614, fax them at 01925 430 049, email them at enquiries@os-communications.org, visit their website www.ombudsman-services.org or mail them a letter to:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730

Vodafone Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Personal support 08080 408 408 8am-8pm
7 days a week
Business support 08080 996 777 8am-8pm
7 days a week
Complaints 03333 041 524 8am-8pm
7 days a week
The Ombudsman 0330 440 1614 9am-5pm