Transport for London Contact Number – 0343 222 1234

To speak to Transport for London call  0343 222 1234 to discuss any concerns about their services or if you have had a problem with their services.


Transport for London (TFL) is a local government body that is responsible for the transport system that operates in Greater London, England. It was formed in 2000 and has its head office in Windsor House in the City of Westminster. TFL is responsible for London’s road routes, rail networks and trams, buses and taxis as well as cycling provision and river services. Some of these services are provided by other subsidiary companies as well as licensees.

TFL Customer Services – 0343 222 1234

If you need to contact TFL customer services about how you were treated by the service or about questions you have regarding how the service works. If you have some questions about what the TFL offer do, which you can direct to their customer service team at 0343 222 1234.

Fares, Payments and Refunds – 0343 222 1234

If you’re interested in finding out about the policies surrounding fares, payments & refunds in the services that TFL offer then you can ask a member of the team about this and they’ll be happy to explain everything that you’re curious about.

TFL’s Control – 0343 222 1234

You can ask the TFL customer services team in depth about the travel services and what it is that TFL controls within London, as well as how it all works. If you’re interested in discussing the roads that are maintained and monitored by TFL then calling the customer services team will connect you to a member of the TFL who has the knowledge to answer all of your queries and register your complaints.

Commerical Properties & Planning Applications – 0343 222 1234

The commercial properties & planning applications that TFL have access to and have applied can be discussed with the customer services team, which can be useful if you would like to learn more about any potential developments that could be happening around London regarding transport.

Consultations – 0343 222 1234

If you’re interested in a consultation with TFL you can contact them on the number above to arrange a meeting or have an over the phone consultation.

Careers – 0343 222 1234

If you’re interested in a career with TFL, then you can contact the customer services team who could give you information and help that revolves around the application process. A member of the TFL team will be able to find out what role with the company would fit you and your skill set well as well as giving you advice for filling out your application.

Talk to TFL’s Stakeholder Group – 0343 222 1234

If you’re interested in putting your opinion forward to their stakeholder group you can call the TFL team to show that you’re interested in stakeholder engagement and want to help to improve the way TFL is run.

Corporate Affairs – 0343 222 1234

To talk to someone about the TFL corporate affairs, then you should make sure you set out straight away whether you are interested in leaving a complaint, enquiry or positive feedback, as TFL want to make sure that they’re receiving your comments as well as they can.

Complaints – 0343 222 1234

If you have had an unacceptable experience with TFL you can file a complaint regarding the TFL services then your complaint will be accepted by their customer service team, who will try their best to make sure that your issue is registered and an attempt at resolution is made as quickly as possible, as their customer’s satisfaction is very important to TFL.

TFL Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0343 222 1234 24/7
Fares, Payments and Refunds 0343 222 1234 24/7
TFL’s Control 0343 222 1234 24/7
Commerical Properties & Planning Applications 0343 222 1234 24/7
Consultations 0343 222 1234 24/7
Careers 0343 222 1234 24/7
Stakeholder Group 0343 222 1234 24/7
Corporate Affairs 0343 222 1234 24/7
Complaints 0343 222 1234 24/7

Contacting TFL

If you have would prefer to contact TFL in other ways you can contact the TFL in multiple other ways such as their social media accounts, then they have Facebook and Twitter accounts that can be used to contact the customer services team. They also have multiple online forms relating to specific problems and issues that you can use if you want to speak to someone about a direct issue quickly. To send a letter to TFL you can send it here:

TfL Customer Services
4th Floor
14 Pier Walk
London SE10 0ES