Tesco contact number – 0800 50 5555

Use the number 0800 50 5555 to contact the Tesco customer service number to have your queries answered and complaints taken note of.

Tesco Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0800 50 5555 Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm Sunday 9am to 6pm
 Tesco Groceries 0800 323 4040 Monday to Saturday 7am to 11pm Sunday 10am to 10pm
Tesco Direct  0800 323 4050 Monday to Friday 8am to 11pm Saturday 8am to 8pm Sunday 10am to 6pm
Tesco Clubcard  0800 591 688 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm Saturday 9am to 6pm
Tesco Clubcard Boost  0808 100 0707 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm Saturday 8am to 6pm
 Tesco Bank  0345 835 3353  24/7
 Tesco Mobile  0345 301 4455 Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm Saturday 8am to 8pm Sunday 10am to 6pm
 Wine by the case  0800 323 4080  Monday to Friday 8am to 11pm Saturday 8am to 8pm Sunday 10am to 6pm
 Delivery saver  0800 323 4048  Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm Saturday 9am to 5pm Sunday 10am to 6pm

Customer service 0800 50 5555

Speak to the Tesco Customer Service team on the number 0800 50 5555. Here the team will be able to help you locate your nearest store and give details of the things you can expect to find at that store, whether it’s a Tesco Express, Metro, Express or Superstore. The customer service team will also be able to log any complaints you might have regarding services you received online or in store.

Tesco Groceries 0800 323 4040

You can call the Tesco Groceries helpline on 0800 323 4040 to speak to a team member who will be able to provide information on the latest offers on at Tesco, give you information on if a particular brand is stocked in store and more. If you prefer to contact the Groceries team online, however, you can do by using the contact form.

Tesco Direct 0800 323 4050

Use the number 0800 323 4050 to speak to the Tesco Direct customer service team. The advisors here will be able to answer your queries regarding the Tesco Direct shop where you can purchase electrical appliances, furniture, toys, clothing and much more. They will be able to advise you about the brands stocked in Tesco Direct, delivery costs and how long they can take, as well as explain how you can earn Clubcard points by shopping on Tesco Direct.

Tesco Clubcard 0800 591 688

The Tesco Clubcard helpline, on the number 0800 591 688, will be able to assist you if you need a new Clubcard sending out, they can also inform you of how many points you have currently earned, as well as give you information on when your next vouchers are due and how much you can expect to get. They can also talk you through the newly launched contactless Tesco Clubcard which has launched and answer any questions you might have regarding it.

Clubcard Boost 0808 100 0707

You can make your Tesco Clubcard Vouchers go further by using the Clubcard Boost, you can find out more information on this by phoning the number 0808 100 0707. The customer service team will be able to explain how you can get four times your voucher value using this service, and use them for eating out, days out and more.

Tesco Bank 0345 835 3353

Speak to the Tesco Bank customer service team on the number 0345 835 3353. They will be able to help regarding queries about your current account, credit card, loans and more.

Tesco Mobile 0345 301 4455

Call 0345 301 4455 to speak to the Tesco Mobile customer service team about your Pay as you go or Pay Monthly mobile phone. They will also be able to give you information on the latest deals and mobile handsets available through Tesco Mobile.

Wine by the case 0800 323 4080

Use the number, 0800 323 4080, to speak to the advisors at Tesco Wine By the Case, where they can advise you on the options available and delivery options too. Wine by the Case allows you to buy your red, white and rose wines from a range of great value wines. The team will be able to tell you about the mixed case deals on offer too.

Delivery Saver 0800 323 4048

The Delivery Saver number is 0800 323 4048, here you will be able to get information on your Delivery Saver account which allows you to enjoy free deliveries once you sign up. The team will be able to give information about the free trial when you will start paying for the service, as well as information on how often you can use it and what type of deliveries it includes.