TalkTalk Contact Number – 0345 172 0088

If you need to contact TalkTalk, you can do so by calling the TalkTalk contact number on 0345 172 0088. By calling this number, you can get help with your TalkTalk account and connection.

TalkTalk Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service 0345 172 0088 Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 8am-8pm
Sunday: 8am-8pm

About TalkTalk

TalkTalk was first founded in 2003 as part of Carphone Warehouse. It was originally designed to provide purely landline services, but today the brand also provides broadband services as well as mobile phone network services. It also offers TV services and has gone on to become the second largest ‘quadruple play’ brand in the UK after Virgin Media. The headquarters for TalkTalk can be found in London. In 2010, the company demerged from Carphone Warehouse and became a standalone business. TalkTalk is rated consistently as one of the worst broadband and landline providers.

TalkTalk Customer Service – 0345 172 0088

If you are having issues with your TalkTalk account or connection, contact customer service on 0345 172 0088. Some of the issues that you may have include: setting up your broadband, a loss of broadband connection, your broadband connection speed, using the voicemail feature on your home phone, loss of your television remote, a channel not working, or a loss of signal on your mobile phone. You might also want to contact TalkTalk for assistance with making a payment. It is important to ensure that you can keep up with TalkTalk payments before you take out the service – if you don’t pay, your service will be cut off and you may find yourself getting into debt. If you are moving house, don’t forget that you will need to inform TalkTalk or you may find yourself paying bills for two properties. You can inform TalkTalk simply by calling 0345 172 0088. If you are moving and you don’t wish to continue with your TalkTalk subscription, you will be sent a final bill after the service has been disconnected.

TalkTalk Broadband – 0345 172 0088

If you need assistance with troubleshooting your broadband connection, you can get technical support by calling TalkTalk customer service on 0345 172 0088. You can check if your TalkTalk line is affected by an issue known to the company online. If it has, TalkTalk may already be working on a solution to the problem, so you may not need to report it. If it hasn’t, you can go ahead and speak to customer service about the problem.

Talk Talk Support – 0345 172 0088

When you call TalkTalk on 0345 172 0088, you’ll be greeted by an automated message welcoming you to TalkTalk customer services. From there, you’ll be given the choice of two menu options – press 1 for enquiries relating to your phone, TV or broadband. If your enquiry is about TalkTalk mobile, press 2. If you choose option 1, you should be prepared to tap in your TalkTalk phone number, followed by #. This is for security verification purposes, and it helps to speed up the process. Once you have confirmed that you are a TalkTalk customer, you will be put through to an advisor who will help you in solving your query.

Other Ways to Contact TalkTalk

You can get assistance and contact TalkTalk on Twitter @TalkTalk.

You can also contact them on Facebook.

If you want to get the answer to a question, try the TalkTalk Community. It’s full of fellow TalkTalk customers who may have the answers you need.