Sky Contact Number – 0800 151 2747

If you wish to contact Sky in regards to your broadband,  TV or phone contract or to make a complaint call 0800 151 2747

About Sky

Sky is one of the biggest broadband, TV and phone service provider in the UK with more than 22 million customers across 5 countries. Sky was founded in 1989 when Sky Television plc encrypted their film channel called Sky Movies which required viewers to pay a subscription to watch the channel and decoding equipment for the channel, later sky released another encrypted channel called Sky sports. In 2000 sky reached 3.6 million subscribers across multiple platforms and in 2010 Sky became the first pay-TV platform in Europe to become available in 10 million homes. Sky launched its internet broadband service in 2006 and Sky talk in 2007.

Working for Sky –

Sky is the biggest entertainment supplier in Europe and is constantly expanding, looking for more members of the team every day. Sky employs 25,000 people across Ireland and the UK and a careers website that is constantly being updated with new positions as they become available. Sky has 19 offices in the UK and Ireland allowing you to find many opportunities close to you no matter where about you are in the UK or Ireland. When on the sky website you can search through many jobs in different sectors such as content and production, corporate, customer service, marketing, sales and technology. Once you have selected the sector you’re interested in applying for you can search for jobs in your area. If you find a job that you think you would be suitable for click on the title to find out more about what qualifications and skills you will need to meet the criteria of this job. Click on the apply button and sign in to your account or create an account to send your CV to Sky.

Early Careers

Sky offers an early careers programme for school leavers, college students or university graduates which helps young people develop important skill sets to help them secure a sustainable job after leaving education. The graduate opportunities are for university leavers that would like to go into software engineering, technology or business programme jobs. Graduates start as a permanent position and with a competitive salary. The apprenticeship programme is for school leavers that would like to earn qualifications and experience. The apprenticeships are paid and have opportunities in technology, customer service, business and media. Placement opportunities are for school or college leavers or for university students who would like a ‘sandwich’ placement whilst studying at university. Placements are paid and are available in multiple different sectors and time spaces such as university placements, summer placements, fast forward (which are for year 13 students) and partner placements (which are placements with Sky’s partners. To apply go to the early careers section of the website or search for job opportunities on the main careers website.

Bundles and Packages

Sky has many bundles and packages including different phones or TV bundles. You can search for Sky TV and Sky broadband packages or Sky TV and Sky broadband separately as well as their mobile phone services. Sky often updates the bundles and packages on their website with sales and offers. Sky also has packages such as Sky Cinema and Sky Sports which are channels on other providers such as virgin.

Sky TV – 0333 759 3192

If you need to contact Sky in regards to your TV you can call 0333 759 3192 and a member of the customer support team will be happy to help you with any problems that you may be facing. Alternatively, you can message Sky through facebook messenger or by text on this number 07403921981 (this number is for texting only). If you’re experiencing problems with your TV box for example if your tv screen shows an error message, no signal or your picture is distorted click here to find out how to fix these problems. If you have a different problem with your sky TV have a look on their website for a solution.

Sky Broadband – 0333 759 3192

If you’re experiencing problems with your Sky broadband you can call a member of the customer service team on 0333 759 3192 or check your service status here or search through the broadband problem guide, you can run a diagnostic check and use the diagnostic tool to try and fix your broadband or have a look through the other options. If your problem is not listed on the website call customer services as you may need to call out a representative to look at or replace your Sky hub.

Sky Mobile – 0333 759 3746

If there is a problem with your Sky mobile you can call the specialised sky mobile and sky talk customer service team on 0333 759 3746 from either your sky talk, sky mobile or another phone. If you would like to know if you’re eligible for roaming abroad, all Sky mobile customers have roaming automatically enabled and each SIM has a data roaming cap of £42 to make sure you don’t over spend on your data without realising. If you need to contact Sky whilst abroad call +44 131 278 3778 calls to this number from sky mobile phones are free but charges may apply from other providers. To report a lost or stolen phone call 03300 412 523 or 0044 1312 783 778 if you’re abroad.

Sky Talk – 0333 759 3746

If you’re having problems with you Sky Talk phone please call the number above to talk to a member of the Sky Talk support team who will be able to talk you though any problems you are having. To find out if there is a network problem in your area check the service status here. For a detailed guide on how to fix common issues with you Sky Talk landline click here. If your phone has no dial tone, check that the phone cable isn’t damaged, that the volume on the phone is on, that the phone is plugged into the mains, that the phone is charged if it is wireless. If all of these are correct, plug another phone into the master socket if this still does not work call 0333 759 3746 a representative may need to check that everything is in working condition.

Sky Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0333 759 3192 8.30am-11.30pm
7 days a week
Head Office 0800 151 2747 8.30am-11.30pm
7 days a week
Mobile and Talk Support 0333 759 3746 8.30am-11.30pm
7 days a week
Calling from Abroad +44 131 278 3778 8.30am-11.30pm
7 days a week