Selfridges Contact Number – 0800 123 400

You can call the Selfridges contact number on 0800 123 400 for assistance with an online order or get information about your local Selfridges store.

About Selfridges

Selfridges was founded in 1908 by Harry Gordon Selfridge. The first store was opened in Oxford Street, London, and this remains the flagship store of the brand today, as well as being the headquarters. Selfridge was from the USA, and the aim of the store was to make shopping fun, using a range of clever marketing techniques. He is credited with shaping department stores as they are today. For example, it was Selfridge’s idea to move the perfume counter to the front and centre of the shop, after it had previously been hidden away at the back. Today, there are four Selfridges stores: Oxford Street, Birmingham Bullring, Manchester Exchange Square and Manchester Trafford Centre. The chain is well-known for its creative window displays. Selfridges won the World’s Best Department Store Campaign award for their recent EveryBODY campaign.

Selfridges Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Service 0800 123 400 24/7

Selfridges Customer Service – 0800 123 400

If you have a query about a Selfridges online order, you can call 0800 123 400, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By calling this number, you’ll be able to get assistance from a Selfridges representative. When you call the customer service line, you’ll be asked if you know the extension number of the person that you’re trying to contact, which if you’re calling for customer service, you probably don’t! From there, you can choose from four menu options. If you do know the person’s extension, press 1. For customer service assistance or to place an order, press 2. If you wish to find out information about your local store such as the opening hours, or for help with gift cards, press 3. Lastly, for head office enquiries such as marketing, recruitment and HR, press 4.  When you press 2 to speak to the customer service department, you will be transferred to an operator who can assist you with your query.

Selfridges Stores – 0800 123 400

Your query can relate to a range of topics i.e. placing an order online, tracking stock of an item to your nearest Selfridges store, processing a return or making a complaint. You can also ask the customer service team to transfer you to your local store, if you would like to discuss an in-store event or find out more about a local promotion. Calling 0800 123 400 is free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about running up an excessive phone bill as you chat to the operator to get your query resolved.

Other Ways to Contact Selfridges

If you wish to contact Selfridges online with your query, you can do so by filling in the online contact form and someone will get back to you within a few days.

You can email the customer service department at

You can also write to the team at the following address:

Selfridges & Co
400 Oxford Street

Please note that you can’t send returns to the above address, it is for mail correspondence only.

If you wish to connect with Selfridges on social media, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.