Ryanair Contact Number – 0871 246 0000

Call the Ryanair contact number on 0871 246 0000 if you find that you have any queries that relate to services that you may have received from Ryanair, surrounding their flights or booking a holiday with them and their customer services team.


Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline that was founded in 1984. Their headquarters are in Swords, Dublin, Ireland and they have primary operational bases at Dublin and London Stansted airports. Ryanair has a fleet size of 403 aircrafts that reach 205 destinations over 34 countries in Europe, Africa (Morocco) and the Middle East (Israel). Ryanair was the largest European airline by scheduled passengers flown in 2016 and they carried more international passengers than any other airline. They employ around 11,458 people.

Ryanair Customer Services – 0871 246 0000

You might want to call the Ryanair customer services team for any number of reasons, and you will always be able to reach them by calling 0871 246 0000. You may just have a general enquiry about a booking you’ve made with Ryanair, or may be interested in a feature of their services and want to ask more about it, and either way the customer services team will be able to help you with whatever it is that you need.

Manage your flight – 0871 246 0000

You can call the Ryanair customer services team if there is a part of your flight that you need to change with them, as you might find that your details weren’t put in properly or you would like to edit your flight so that you will be more comfortable and all of your needs will be met. This is especially useful for disabled and reduced mobility passengers, who might need to call the customer services team to ensure that the members of the Ryanair team who are on the flight will be aware of any special requirements they might have in relation to their disability. By speaking to someone from customer services, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of while on your Ryanair flight.

Cancel your flight – 0871 246 0000

If you find that you won’t be able to make your flight, possibly for personal or health reasons, or your flight was cancelled and you weren’t offered the chance to board a different flight instead, you can ring the Ryanair customer services team to try and arrange a refund for the services that you booked, where someone from the team will be happy to clarify with you the likelihood of you receiving a refund from Ryanair.

Reclaim Expenses – 0871 246 0000

You can contact the Ryanair customer services team if you have found that your flight with Ryanair was disrupted by a significant delay or cancellation, and you were forced to spend money on a hotel or food to keep yourself going while you waited for your flight. Here you can claim expenses that are owed to you by Ryanair if they find that the fault is with their airline.

Insurance Letters – 0871 246 0000

If you find yourself needing insurance letters filling out for the confirmation of a delayed or cancelled flight, then you can call the Ryanair customer services team where a member of the team will try and help you with anything you need regarding applying for these letters to be filled by Ryanair.

Complaints – 0871 246 0000

If you decide you want to make a complaint, or even leave a compliment regarding the services you experienced with Ryanair, then you can call the customer services team where they’ll be happy to listen to your comments and help you with whatever they can.

Baggage – 0871 246 0000

You may have experienced issues with lost or damaged baggage while flying with Ryanair, or you might have questions about the baggage restrictions that the airline reinforces, in which case you can get in touch with the customer services team and there will be someone ready to answer any questions or problems that you might want to relay to them.

In-flight purchases – 0871 246 0000

The Ryanair customer services team are also readily available to discuss any queries that you might have about the in-flight purchases that Ryanair offers, including the chance to as for a refund on an item that you bought while flying with the airline if you are unhappy with its quality.

Problems with booking – 0871 246 0000

If you are having trouble with booking your flight, or are trying to book for infants to fly with Ryanair as well you can reach out to the customer services team where they’ll be available to help you if you have any problems that you might find yourself facing.

Ryanair Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0871 246 0000  24/7
Manage your flight 0871 246 0000  24/7
Cancel your flight 0871 246 0000  24/7
Reclaim expenses 0871 246 0000  24/7
Insurance letters 0871 246 0000  24/7
Complaints 0871 246 0000  24/7
Baggage 0871 246 0000  24/7
In-flight purchases 0871 246 0000  24/7
Problems with booking 0871 246 0000  24/7

Other ways to contact Ryanair

You might find that calling the customer services team isn’t your preferred method of communication within the team, which may result in you looking for any ways to get in touch with them. Luckily you’ll find that they offer multiple chances to discuss your issues with their team, with their social media accounts being one quick way that you can contact them, through Facebook and Twitter. As well as this, you can speak to them through their website as well, either through their live chat function or their contact forms which can be found directly relating to the reason that you want to talk to them. If you’d prefer to send a letter to them, then you can send it here:

Customer Service Department
PO Box 11451
Co Dublin

and a customer services representative will get in touch with you as soon as they can.