Royal Mail contact number – 0345 774 0740

Call the Royal Mail customer service number, 0345 774 0740 to speak to them regarding your postal deliveries, make a complaint about employees or services or make a claim for a lost package.

Royal Mail Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0345 774 0740 Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm Saturday 8am – 1pm Sunday 9am – 2pm
 Text Phone 03456 000 606 Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm Saturday 8am – 1pm Sunday 9am – 2pm
 Complaints  0345 774 0740 Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm Saturday 8am – 1pm Sunday 9am – 2pm
 Royal Mail redirection  0347 777 888 Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm Saturday 8am – 1pm Sunday 9am – 2pm
 Royal Mail shop 03457 641 641 Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5pm

About Royal Mail

Royal Mail plc is a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom. It was originally established in 1516. They are the sole provider of the Universal Service in the UK. The company’s subsidiary Royal Mail Group Limited operates the brands Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide.

Royal Mail Group delivers six days a week, with a one-price-goes-anywhere postal service that delivers to more than 29 million addresses across the UK.

Royal Mail customer service 0345 774 0740

Use the number 0345 774 0740 to call the Royal Mail customer service and general enquiries helpline. Here a representative will be able to help you regarding a number of different of queries, including location of deliveries that have tracking numbers, as well as updates on items you have sent.

Royal Mail team members will also be able to advise you on estimated costs of deliveries both in the UK and internationally, depending on the weight of your parcel and the intended destination country.

They can also advise you on the best tips for preparing and posting your mail, such as the prohibited goods, sending and receiving mail outside of the EU, how to address your mail and the top tips for sending mail overseas.

Royal Mail Textphone 03456 000 606

If you’re hard of hearing, call 03456 000 606 to speak to a Royal Mail representative about your query.

Royal Mail complaints 03457 740 740

If you have a complaint to make to Royal Mail use the number 03457 740 740 to do so. You can use this number to inform the representative of mail that has arrived damaged, make a complaint about the level of service you received in a Royal Mail post office or any problems you have with Royal Mail delivery employees.

You can call the Royal Mail general enquiries number to complain about items that have not arrived at the destination on time if someone else has received your mail, or you were left a delivery card but you were actually at home.

Royal Mail redirection 03457 777 888

It’s vital that you ensure that you change your address with the Royal Mail when you move home or business. Any mail going to your old home puts you at risk of ID fraud. You can use the Royal Mai’s Redirection Service to forward your mail to your new address and can do so easily using the number 0347 777 888.

The people on this number can help you change the details of your Redirection, renew your Redirection, cancel it if needed, advise on how you apply for Redirection online, as well as provide any help you might need in completing your Redirection application form.

Royal Mail claims

Royal Mail aim to deliver items quickly and securely, but if something does go wrong you may be entitled to claim compensation if your item is lost, damaged or delayed. Use the Royal Mail Claim Form online to find out whether or not you are entitled to compensation.

Royal Mail Shop 03457 641 641

The Royal Mail Shop allows you to buy products online that you might need for sending letters and parcels, as well as gifts like personalised stamps, collectable stamps and magazine subscriptions.

Use the number 03457 641 641 to call the Royal Mail Shop if your order hasn’t arrived, if you’d like to change your order, if you’re having trouble placing an order, or get a refund on something you have bought would like to return.