Royal Bank of Scotland Contact Number – 0345 724 2424

Call the Royal Bank of Scotland customer services number 0345 724 2424 for queries relating to any questions or issues that you could have experienced with your banking or account management with RBS.


The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is one of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s retail banking subsidiaries and was established in 1724. RBS has around 700 branches that are mainly based in Scotland, but there are also branches in larger towns and cities within England and Wales. They employ around 92,000 people and will be becoming a direct subsidiary of NatWest Holdings in 2018.

RBS Customer Services – 0345 724 2424

When you are an RBS customer, you might find that you need to speak to their customer services team for many reasons. If you are, and you are looking for their customer services numbers then you will want to find the number that is directly relevant to what you’re contacting them about. You might want to call them for a general enquiry about their services or how the bank is run you can contact them on 0345 724 2424. You will also be able to use this number for telephone banking, which is an incredibly useful process for easily monitoring and moving money within your account.

Credit Cards – 0370 907 0010

If you have taken out a credit card with RBS and you want to find out more about managing your account or details about the card, you should call 0370 907 0010 for their customer service team.

Borrowing – 0800 056 3220

RBS allow their customers to borrow money from them in multiple ways, including loans and mortgages. If you are interested in borrowing from the bank or would like to talk about the loan or mortgage you already have with RBS then you can call 0800 056 3220 where a customer services team member will be happy to help you find out whatever it is that you need.

Insurance – 0800 051 1450

If you have an insurance policy with RBS and would like to contact them regarding the type of insurance you have, or maybe even to ask about a quote or claim on your insurance, you can get in touch with the customer services team on 0800 051 1450 for help.

Business – 0345 600 2230

RBS don’t only provide personal accounts, they also have business accounts which can be helpful for running the financial aspects of your business. If you need help with understanding or managing your business account then call 0345 600 2230.

Private – 0345 724 2424

RBS also have private accounts for their customers to use, which can provide different services to their usual personal accounts. For more information, call 0345 724 2424 and a customer services team member will be able to tell you all about the services that RBS private accounts offer as well as monitor any complaints or problems you’ve encountered with the service.

Membership Services – 0345 607 5154

RBS allow their customers to sign up for memberships within the bank, which depending on the membership type you sign up for offer different deals and opportunities for their customers. If you are interested in the membership services or would like to inquire about the service you’re receiving then you should contact their customer services team on 0345 607 5154.

Change in Circumstances – 0800 161 5903

You may have recently experienced a change in circumstances, like a bereavement within your family or money worries that could mean there may be changes to your financial situation. If you’re worried about how your circumstance change may affect your life then you should call 0800 161 5903 where a team member from customer services will help with any queries that you might have.

Emergency – 0800 011 3312

If you find that you need to contact RBS in emergency circumstances surrounding your account, including the chance that you have been contacted by RBS about your account activity, or you are worried about fraudulent activity in your account or, if you have had your card lost/stolen then you should definitely get in contact with the RBS customer services team immediately on 0800 011 3312 for help.

RBS Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0345 724 2424 24/7
Credit Cards 0370 907 0010 24/7
Borrowing 0800 056 3220 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-4pm
Insurance 0800 051 1450 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm
Business 0345 600 2230 24/7
Private 0345 724 2424 24/7
Membership Services 0345 607 5154 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm
Change in Circumstances 0800 161 5903 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-1pm
Emergency 0800 011 3312 24/7

Other ways to contact RBS

If you would prefer to contact RBS in ways that aren’t speaking over the phone then that is perfectly fine, as they offer plenty of opportunities for their customers to reach them. If you would prefer to contact them online, then you can easily find ways to reach their customer services team either through their web chat or their online form where you will be responded to as quickly as possible. You can also message them on Twitter where they should have someone ready to respond to their customers at all times. If you find that instead, you would be happier sending them a letter as a form of correspondence, then you can send your letter to this address:

36 St Andrew Square,
United Kingdom

and the member of the customer services team will read and respond to your letter as quickly as possible.