On the Beach

0371 474 3000

If you have some queries about a holiday you have booked or been on with On the Beach call On the Beach customer services number.

On the Beach

On the Beach is a UK-based travel retailer that specialises in short and medium haul holidays to Europe. They were founded in 2004 and operate primarily through their website, selling holidays to over a million customers a year.

On the Beach Customer Services

If you are an On the Beach customer there are many reasons you may need to contact their customer services team at some point, and it could be anything from needing to complain about services that you’ve received, wanting more information about the holiday that you’ve booked or you may need help in managing your booking. Whatever reason it is that you’re contacting the On the Beach customer services team, a member of the On The Beach customer service team will be happy to help with any problems or questions you have.


If you need help making a booking on their website and are interested in the best ways you can book with On the Beach to get the greatest deal, then an advisor from the booking team will be ready to help you with the best choices you can make relating to your circumstances and preferences.

In-resort Support

If you’re on your holiday that you booked with On the Beach and you need help with a problem you’ve encountered while on your resort, the in-resort support team will be able to you with the problem you’re experiencing.


On the Beach can also help you with your insurance queries, as you might need to know more about the type of travel insurance that you’ve booked or you may find that you need to book travel insurance for your holiday. If you have some questions you can speak to the On the Beach customer services team who has the contact numbers of the insurance companies they’re paired with.

Managing your booking

If you already have a booking with On the Beach and you need help managing it or want to change any of the details that you have entered with the company you can call the booking management team who will be able to change any information or help you with your questions.

On the Beach Contact Numbers

Department Opening Hours
Customer Services  24/7
Booking  24/7
In-resort support  24/7
Insurance  24/7
Manage your booking  24/7

Alternative ways to contact On the Beach

You can also contact On The Beach through their social media accounts. With both Facebook and Twitter available you can send them a direct message or tag them in a post that you want to write about the issue you’re facing and you will be contacted by a member of their team.

You can also easily send them a letter to this address:

On the Beach Limited 
Park Square
Bird Hall Lane

and they will make sure that your letter is read and received and then replied to as soon as they can manage, which will make you happy to know your correspondence is in good hands.