Netflix contact number – 0800 096 8879

Get in touch with the customer service team at Netflix on the number 0800 096 8879 to discuss any queries or problems you might have regarding the streaming system.

Netflix Contact Number

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0800 096 8879 8am-5pm Monday to Friday
Complaints 0800 096 8879 8am-5pm Monday to Friday

About Netflix

Netflix changed the way we watch and consume our favourite TV shows and movies since 1997 when they launched.

They are now the world’s leading internet television streaming service with 104 million members in more than 190 countries. Not only do they stream classic movies and cult TV shows, but they also produce their own original series, documentaries and feature films which have proved a huge hit with audiences.

Members can watch as much as they want, anytime and anywhere on an internet-connected screen. Watch without commercials and commitments.

Netflix Customer Service – 0800 096 8879

The Netflix Customer Service team are on hand on the number 0800 096 8879 to answer your queries and solve the problems you may be having using the streaming service.

The customer care team are able to assist with a number of queries, including setting up parental controls on your Netflix account or updating your payment details. They can also help you if you forget your password, or need to change your current one.

You can also call the Netflix UK customer service line for technical support, such as if your account has crashed and what to do if it says your account is already in use when you try to watch.

Are you sick of watching your Netflix TV shows and films in grainy quality? You can also use the customer service contact number to upgrade your Netflix membership to a premium account which allows for HD streaming. Depending on which account you already have, making an upgrade could also entitle you to being able to watch content from more than one device at the same time – this is perfect for those who share their login details with family and friends. Ensuring you have a multi-user account can guarantee you won’t see the dreaded ‘too many users’ page when other people are logged in and watching on your account.

If you decide you no longer want to pay for the streaming service, you can use the above contact number to call them to cancel your Netflix subscription, meaning there will be no further direct debit payments taken from your bank account. Cancelling Netflix is quite a simple process and once you have cancelled you can restart your membership at any time, and you have 10 months before your viewing preferences are wiped.

Netflix Complaints – 0800 096 8879

If you have a problem with Netflix you can phone the customer service number on 0800 096 8879 to make a complaint. Calling this number will connect you to a customer service representative who will be able to resolve any problems you might be having, as well as lodging a complaint against the streaming service. Whether you’re having problems watching on different devices or a problem with your account.

Other ways to contact Netflix

You can also contact Netflix through their Live Chat which is available on their website, and you can also contact them on Twitter if you have a registered account.

The Netflix Live Chat allows you to quickly and efficiently solve problems that you might be having with the service.

You can also use Twitter, and tweet to Netflix on the handle @Netflixhelps, they suggest that if you have technical issues let them know the error that is occurring and the device you are using so they can quickly resolve the issue.