Knowhow is the expert service partner for Curry’s PC World and Carphone Warehouse and will deliver and repair anything that you have bought from these companies. They will install your new equipment free of charge, repair it if it breaks, offer a range of protection services and also offer upgrades if necessary. You might need to contact them at some point for any of the reasons above, to do so, you can call 0344 561 1234 and have a range of services at your disposal.

Knowhow Customer Services – 0344 561 1234 

You can reach the Knowhow Customer Service team on 0344 561 1234. When you call the number, you will be presented with a menu option for repair services, insurance, delivery, and installations. There will also be a complaint option. If you have a different issue to the ones listed above, then you can also select to speak to an operator by pressing ‘0’. You will then be passed over to a friendly adviser. There are a number of reasons as to why you might need to ring the Knowhow customer service number, whether it’s the fact that a product you have needs repairing, you would like to insure a product or you have purchased an appliance from Curry’s PC World and need it to be installed in your home.

Knowhow Technical Support  –  0800 049 0221

When you call the technical support contact number you will be able to speak to an advisor about any issues you might be having with a technical device you have purchased, whether that be a laptop or kitchen appliance from Curry’s PC World or a mobile phone from the Carphone Warehouse. The operator at 0800 049 0221 will ask you to give specific details of your product and explain the problems you are experiencing with your device. The technical support phone service will aim to give you instructions on how to fix your device there and then but if the problem is more severe, the operator will make an appointment for your device to be collected and repaired.

Knowhow Tracking –  08435 040 651

To have a sure idea of when your device or appliance will be arriving, you can call 08435 040 651. Upon calling the number, you will be asked to enter your chosen product’s order number (which can be found on the confirmation email you received when the product was ordered) and you will then be given a date of when you can expect your product to arrive. In some cases, you will also be given a specific time but please note that this is subject to change. If you notice that your tracking is totally inaccurate (eg. the voice message tells you that your parcel/product has already been delivered when it hasn’t) then again, you can choose to press ‘0’ to speak with an operator who will explain what has happened to your order and tell you when you can expect to receive it. Tracking issues are taken seriously by Knowhow and they would like to know if you are having any issues.

Knowhow Repairs  – 0344 561 1234 

if you have a faulty or broken appliance from Curry’s PC World or the Carphone Warehouse, you can arrange for a repair by calling 0344 561 1234.  When you call the repairs helpline, you will be asked to give details of the appliance that needs repairing, including a product reference number which will be on the receipt when you purchased the item. You can explain to an adviser exactly what is wrong with the appliance or product and they will then either tell you how to fix it or arrange for it to be collected by the repair service if it is beyond over the phone repair. Your repair will be free of charge if your item is still under guarantee.

Knowhow Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0344 561 1234  Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 10am-4pm
Technical Support 0800 049 0221 Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 10am-4pm
Tracking 08435 040 651 Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Other ways to Contact Knowhow

If you don’t want to call Knowhow or don’t have an issue that requires a phone call, then you can get in touch with them by filling out a general enquiries form here.

Alternatively, you can send a letter to their head office address, don’t forget to include your name and address in the letter:

Team Knowhow, PO Box 1686, Sheffield, S2 5YB.