KLM Contact Number – 020 8750 9200

If you would like to contact KLM in regard to your booking, a cancellation or to make a complaint call 020 8750 9200

About KLM

KLM was founded in 1919 in Netherlands and is the oldest airline still running under its original name. KLM merged with Air France KLM in 2004 and is now leading the European airline industry. KLM has over 32,000 employees to ensure that KLM’s customers are completely satisfied with their journey.

Working for KLM

If you’re interested in working for KLM you can have a look at the KLM ‘Jobsite‘ to view vacancies and opportunities. Please note that the website is in Dutch but if you’re viewing it on google chrome the page can be translated into English. To search for jobs you can input your education level, function area, how many hours you would like to work, whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time work and where in the Nederlands you would like to work.


KLM also offer traineeships in management and development for ‘high potential’ young people. In the management traineeship, you will spend two years in various business units completing four projects as well as going through intensive training to help you prepare for becoming apart of the management team. In the IT development program, you will work towards becoming part of the IT team at KLM on a two-year course completing 3 or 4 projects which are challenging and based on the latest technology. If you are interested in these programs click here to go to the website to learn more and apply.

Work Placement/Graduating

KLM offer mid-level internships and higher level internships for graduates or people looking for placements during university. They offer ground stewardess training and aircraft mechanic training at a mid-level internship and many other higher vocational opportunities. To view the opportunities KLM has to offer click here to explore their internship website.

Contacting KLM

If you have experienced a problem with KLM or would like to talk to a member of their team you can contact them in multiple ways. To message KLM you can comment on their Facebook page (don’t comment any personal details as it is a public page), facebook message them or contact them through their twitter account.

Flight Delay

If you have had a flight delay or cancellation go here and enter either your email address, flying blue number or your booking code or you can view flight status. You can also contact the KLM customer care team on this page if you believe you deserve compensation.

Lost, Damaged or Delayed Baggage

If your baggage has been lost, damaged or has not arrived yet there are some steps you can follow for the return of your luggage or compensation. If your luggage has been delayed you need to report it to the baggage service office located in the airport and they will register your baggage claim to receive a PIR and a personal reference number. Once they have found your luggage they will contact you with information about where it is, you need to keep the baggage claim tags until you have received your luggage. Alternatively, you can report your delayed luggage online within two days if your KLM flight departing from some destinations in Eurpope, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America & Caribbean and the united states was cancelled after you dropped off your luggage and it was not returned to you or if your baggage did not arrive with you in those destinations, to check if your destination is eligible click here. You can trace your delayed luggage here with your PIR code. If your lugagge has not been found within 3 days of you reporting them missig you can use the tracer tool to fill out the baggage innventory and clainm form, this form will automatically be shown to you online if your luggage has noit been found within 3 days, you will need to enter your last name and file reference number, if you provide more information they wil be able to refine their search and hopefully return your baggage to you as quickly as possible, if your luggage has not been found within 21 days your form will be sent to KLM customer services. If you believe your baggage has been damaged you can send a message to KLM customer care within 7 days of arrival here, please be aware that KLM to not accept liability for scratches, marks, small dents and other normal wear and tear of your luggage. If something from your luggage has gone missing you need to report it immediatly to the baggage service office in the airport, you can also report missing goods by e-mailing the customer care form withing 7 days of arrival to KLM.

Complaining to KLM

If you wish to complain to KLM you can contact them via their social medias or you can call the KLM customer care team on 0207 66 00 293 on Monday – Friday 8 am – 8 pm or Saturday 9 am – 5.30 pm. you can also email them here. Alternatively, you can write a written complaint detailing your problem including any contact information and any flight information to:  

(regarding Baggage claims)

KLM – Europe Baggage Claim centre TSA 21235 75564 PARIS Cedex 12 FRANCE

TSA 21235 75564 PARIS Cedex 12 FRANCE



 (regarding other claims) 

KLM – Europe Customer Care Centre TSA 21235 75564 PARIS Cedex 12 FRANCE

TSA 21235 75564 PARIS Cedex 12 FRANCE



Company Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services  0207 6600 293 08:00-20:00
Head Office  020 8750 9200 08:00-20:00