Just Eat Contact Number – 0344 243 7777

Call the free Just Eat contact number on 0344 243 7777 for any queries relating to the orders that you have made with Just Eat. This includes any food that you are unhappy with, or any services that you received that you don’t think were up to standard.

Just Eat

Just Eat is an online food order and delivery service that acts as an intermediary between take-out food outlets and customers. Its headquarters are in the UK but they operate through 18 countries within Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Just Eat was founded in 2001 and helps customers search for their local take-out to order and then either pick up or have the food delivered.

Just Eat Customer Services – 0344 243 7777

If you’re a Just Eat customer then there could be a multitude of reasons that you find yourself calling their customer services team. You might have a general inquiry about how Just Eat is run or would like to register your opinion on a service with the customer services team, which are both things you can easily do by calling 0344 243 7777. From here you will be put in touch with a member of the team who can help you with whatever you might need.

Manage your account – 0344 243 7777

If you find you need to manage the order that you’ve created with your Just Eat account, which could mean monitoring where it is in the delivery process or checking that your order has been accepted by the restaurant you ordered from, you can do this by calling the customer services team and they will let you know anything you are interested in finding out.

Manage your order – 0344 243 7777

If your order was confirmed by the outlet and then cancelled afterwards you can call the Just Eat customer services team, as you might want to find out why your order was cancelled and how your refund will be organised. When you call the Just Eat customer services team and speak to a member of their team, they will then communicate with the food outlet and inform you of the circumstances of your cancellation.

Complaints – 0344 243 7777

If you’ve ordered food from an outlet through Just Eat and it is late to arrive to you, you can call the Just Eat customer services team who will work with you and the restaurant to find out where your order is and how much longer you might be waiting for your food. You can also call the Just Eat customer services team if you have received your order but a part of it is wrong (wrong food items, wrong drink ordered, too many/few items), who will then try to communicate with the restaurant you ordered your food from and sort out any problems that might occur.

Just Eat Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0344 243 7777 10am-midnight, every day
Manage your account 0344 243 7777 10am-midnight, every day
Manage your order 0344 243 7777 10am-midnight, every day
Complaints 0344 243 7777 10am-midnight, every day

Other ways to contact Just Eat

If you’ve decided that you don’t want to talk to the Just Eat customer services team over the phone, then they provide multiple other ways for people to contact them, as it makes it easier for the team to handle all of the comments they receive. You might prefer to communicate with the team by sending them a letter, which you can send to this address:

Fleet Place House
2 Fleet Place
United Kingdom

where it will be read and responded to by the customer services team as quickly as possible. You can also contact them by reaching out over social media, on their Facebook and Twitter accounts where the team should be ready to help you most hours of the day. You can also contact them via their website, by using their live chat function that puts you in contact with the customer services team immediately and has someone help you with whatever you need straight away.