Hastings Direct Contact Number – 0333 321 9800

You can call this free contact number for Hastings Direct customer services on 0333 321 9800 to be put in contact with a member of the team who can help you with any problems you may have with their services. This can include any issues with any of their insurance policies, or possibly with the service that you received from them.

Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct is a UK personal lines insurance broker that serves its customers online, over the phone and in branch. The company was founded in 1997 and provides car, bike, van and home insurance as well as extras including breakdown cover, personal accident, substitute and vehicle and key and legal cover. They offer a wide variety of products for their customers and try to make sure that they always provide the best service possible.

Hastings Direct Customer Services – 0333 321 9800

If you’re a Hastings Direct customer and find yourself needing to call their customer services team for whatever reason, then you can direct your queries and problems to 0333 321 9800 where you will find a team member ready to deal with all of your general enquiries, such as questions about the company and issues that you’ve had with service.

Breakdown – 0333 321 9680

You might need to call their breakdown service on 0333 321 9680, which can help you if you have any problems with the car, bike or van that you have insured with Hastings Direct and will ensure that a member of the customer services team will be available to send help for you as quickly as they can.

Car and Bike – 0333 321 9801

If you need to call in regards to your car or bike insurance, then you can reach an appropriate team member by calling 0333 321 9801 where any claims or problems that you would like to address regarding your insurance can be dealt with quickly, including issues with the insurance itself or complaints around service that you’ve experienced while you’ve been insured by Hastings Direct.

Van – 0333 321 9682

If you have van insurance with Hastings Direct and would like to know more about your policy or need to issue a claim on the insurance then you can find the customer service team by calling 0333 321 9682 where any issues you might have or claims you might need to make can be made here.

Home – 0333 321 9681

Hastings Direct’s home insurance customer service team can be contacted on 0333 321 9681 and will provide the opportunity to discuss your home insurance with someone who can offer your quotes or renewal figures as well as address any problems that you might have found with the service.

Complaints – 0333 321 9677

There is always the chance to issue any complaints that you might have about Hastings Direct and the service that you have received from the insurers by calling 0333 321 9677 and relaying your issues to a member of the customer service team who will be happy to try and fix any issues that you have with the company.

Hastings Direct Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0333 321 9800 24/7
Breakdown 0333 321 9680 24/7
Car and Bike 0333 321 9801 24/7
Van 0333 321 9682 24/7
Home 0333 321 9681 24/7
Complaints 0333 321 9677 24/7

Other ways to contact Hastings Direct

If you have decided that contacting Hastings Direct via phone call is not your preferred method of communication, then you can rest assured as they have made sure that they offer multiple other ways of contacting them so that you can always have a way of putting forward your issues to the company. If you find that you would be most comfortable in sending a letter to the company, then you can send a letter through recorded delivery to this address:

Customer Relations Department,
Hastings Direct,
Conquest House,
Collington Avenue,
East Sussex,
TN39 3LW

where the customer services team will receive it and then reply to your queries as quickly as possible. If you send the letter through recorded delivery, then you will receive information regarding when the letter was received by the company, so you can be sure to be able to monitor how long it took to get there and how long they took to reply to you. It is also useful in cases where there might be a problem with communication between you and the company so that you can back up that you sent the original correspondence to them. If you would rather talk to them over the internet, then you have the chance to contact them through live chat, which gives you the chance to talk to a member of their customer services team immediately and means that any problems you might have can be solved as quickly as possible.