Halifax Contact Number

If you want to get directly in contact with Halifax, the best way to do so is by ringing their customer service line on 0345 720 3040 and speaking to a member of their friendly customer service team. You might need to contact Halifax because you are considering switching your bank account over to them or you might want to speak to someone about an existing account. You can also call to discuss products, mortgage opportunities and credit card options.

About Halifax

Halifax is a bank based in Britain that operates as a trading division for the Royal Bank of Scotland. It is named after Halifax the town, which is situated in West Yorkshire and it was first founded in 1853 as a building society. Halifax was acquired by Lloyd’s Banking Group in 2009 and during this time, significant changes were made to their current accounts.

Halifax Current Accounts – 0345 720 3040

Halifax allows anyone that wants to switch their current account to receive £75 when they begin banking with them. If you are considering doing this, you will probably want to know a little more about what current accounts they have available to their customers. You can find this out easily by calling 0345 720 3040. When you call you will be given a menu for different departments. To discuss current account, please choose the ‘banking’ option. Once connected, an advisor will help you to compare all of Halifax’s current accounts so that you can successfully find one to suit you and your financial situation. The most popular Halifax current account is the Everyday Reward Account which provides free banking every day and if you continue to pay £750 per month into the account you will receive a monthly reward of £3. You will also be given a regular VISA Debit card with this account. The Ultimate Reward is for those that have a little more going into their account and it also includes mobile phone cover and breakdown insurance. If you want to switch to Halifax, you can call the accounts contact number and choose ‘new customer’ on the menu option. This option is available to anyone that is considering switching to Halifax.

Halifax ISA’s – 0345 944 4555

Halifax have four main types of ISA available to their customers; Cash ISA’s, Shares and Investment ISA’s, Lifetime ISA’s and Innovative Finance ISA’s. Applying for an ISA has never been easier, simply just call the contact number and Halfiax customer services will be happy to get you started. Junior ISA’s are also available for children under 18 if they have savings that need to be put away until they are older. This year, the junior ISA allowance is £4,218. Another popular feature from Halifax is the ‘Help to Buy’ ISA which is ideal for young people who are saving up to buy their first home. These are a type of cash ISA which the Government adds 25% to all money that is saved. The max amount that you can save is £3000. If the ISA is flexible, it will allow you to withdraw and replace the funds when you need to without affecting your yearly ISA Allowance from the Government. When you call 0345 944 4555, you will be given a range of ISA options on the menu, so be sure to choose the one you wish to apply for, whether that is a junior ISA, a lifetime ISA or a help to buy option. If you are unsure, there will also be an option to speak with an operator.

Online Banking –  0345 720 3040

The great thing about online banking is that you can manage your finances whilst on the go – whether that be a quick balance check or transferring money to a friend or relative. Halifax have a handy mobile banking app which allows you to quickly make transfers and payments straight from your phone. To log into mobile banking, you will need your username and password, both of which will have been set up for you when you first opened your current account. If you are having any issues logging into your mobile banking app or via the Halifax website then you can call 0345 720 3040 for assistance. If you notice any unusual activity on your statements, such as payments or withdrawals that you haven’t made then call the number immediately and request to speak to a member of the fraud team. The fraud team will deal with any issues you have immediately and hopefully you won’t be on the phone for too long.

Mortgages – 0113 366 0167

Halifax understands that taking out a mortgage and moving home can be a stressful experience and so they aim to make applying for a mortgage as hassle free as possible. You can view all of the mortgage options on the Halifax website and you can also make use of the Halifax mortgage calculator and tools if you need a little extra guidance. Call 0113 366 0167 if you would like to make an in-branch appointment to discuss your mortgage options. When you call the number, you will be put through to an automated system that will ask you to select a date and time for your appointment from the available choices.

Halifax Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Current Accounts 0345 720 3040 24/7
ISA’s 0345 944 4555 24/7
Online Banking  0345 720 3040 24/7
Mortgages 0113 366 0167 24/7
Customer Service 0113 366 0141 24/7

Other Forms of Contact

If you do not wish to contact Halifax via phone, you can get in touch with their customer service team over on email. The email can be found here.  

Alternatively, you can contact them using their Twitter handle @AskHalifaxBank.