Groupon Contact Number – 0203 510 0444

If you would like to contact Groupon in relation to a voucher or to make a complaint call 0203 510 0444 

About Groupon

Groupon is a discount marketplace website where companies advertise discount deals for a range of services. Groupon was founded in Chicago, America in 2008 by Andrew Mason and by 2010 Groupon was available in 150 cities in North America and 100 cities across Europe, Asia and South America with 35 million users. Groupon expanded rapidly to 500 cities worldwide, 48.1 million active users and more than 425,000 active deals by the beginning of 2015. Groupon is known for their great deals on a wide range of things such as spa deals, discounted meals, deals on a wide range of products, travel discounts and things to do with your family. As Groupon is an expanding company they’re always looking for new members to join their team. They have three teams: tech, business development and Operations if you’re interested in joining these teams with jobs in engineering, sales or accounting please go to the career section of their website.

Selling Through Groupon – 020 3510 0444

To start selling through Groupon you need to fill out the simple form on the Groupon Merchant website with your business name, business phone number, business email, the category of your business (such as food and drink, beauty and spa etc.). Once you have completed the sign-up form you need to choose what product or service you want to offer on the website, the date it will expire and how much it will be discounted. Once you put your product online you will be informed when somebody has purchased one of your deals. Groupon does not ask for an upfront cost of running your deal on their website instead they charge a marketing fee for the promotion and advertisement of deal or product, this cost varies for the market and industry of your offer. If you need help selling your product or service through Groupon or if you have some questions that are not answered on the website please call the number above to talk to a member of their customer service team.

Complaining to Groupon – 020 3510 0444

If you need to complain to Groupon about their services or about a coupon you can call them on 020 3510 0444 from Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, you will need to provide your contact details and the details of your complaint, a member of their customer services team will do their best to help you resolve your issue.

Groupon can also be contacted through their social media pages such as contacting them through their twitter page at @groupon_UK. alternatively, you can use the online live chat which operates 24 hours 7 days a week or have a look at the FAQs available on their website.

If you wish to give a written complaint to Groupon you can mail your feedback (you must include all contact information so Groupon can contact you to resolve the issue) to this address:

Groupon customer service,

No. 1 Swan Lane,



Cancelling a Voucher – 020 3510 0444

If you wish to cancel a voucher you have 14 days after purchase to contact Groupon about the cancellation, if the voucher is for a product or a multiple part deal you will not be able to receive a refund if you have redeemed the product or part of the deal. If the product you have received is faulty or damaged you will not receive a refund but if you contact Groupon immediately after arrival you will be able to get a replacement. If you have had trouble canceling a voucher or would like to speak to someone about canceling a voucher call the number listed above to speak to a member of the customer services team who will be able to help you.

Groupon contact numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 020 3510 0444 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Company Support 020 3510 0444 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Cancelling 020 3510 0444 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm

More About Groupon

Groupon sends you an email every day with the best offers for your area for that day, Groupon offers are usually only available for 48-72 hours meaning once you receive the email or see something you like on the website you should buy it immediately so you don’t miss out on the offer. Groupon also has an app for your mobile in which you can buy and explore different deals available in your area.