G4S Contact Number

If you need to contact G4S for security reasons, then you can reach them by calling their customer service contact number on 0161 742 3700. G4S provides security solutions all over the UK and there are a number of reasons why you might need to get in contact with them, such as wanting to know more about their diverse range of services or you might even want to apply for a career at G4S.

About G4S

G4S is a security service company based in Great Britain and has its headquarters in Crawley. The company was first established in 2004. G4S is now known as the world’s largest security company and has operations in over 125 countries, employing 585, 000 staff. G4S operates in two specific areas, ‘Secure Solutions’ which is services for commercial and government organisations as well as ‘cash solutions’ which manages cash cycles for banks and financial institutions.

G4S Financial Sector – 0161 742 3700

G4S is the lead supplier of security to financial institutions across the UK and you can read all about their latest ventures in newsletters on their website. G4S ensures that any customers in their financial sector are well served, which they believe is crucial to any institution. G4S have strong relationships with established banks and have expertise in cash management, logistics, and intelligent systems. They manage one of the world’s largest international workforces and have extensive knowledge of providing cash solutions and security all over the world. G4S have their very own CASH360 which is an end to end cash management solution, which can be tailored to fit almost any requirement and is available across a number of different sectors including leisure and tourism, ports and airports and retail. For latest results and achievements from G4S, you can view the sectors category on their website.

G4S Transport and Logistics Sector – 0843 168 0500

The transport and logistics sector is also a big venture for G4S and you can have peace of mind knowing that G4S will ensure the timely and safe transportation of your customers and goods. They aim to always deliver a faster and quicker service, for less. If you need to hire G4S for your transport and logistic concerns then you can use the number provided above. You can also call them for general enquiries if you have spotted something on the website then you are unsure of or would like to know more about.

G4S Retail Sector – 0161 742 3700

G4S is committed to helping retail businesses thrive and prosper and to do this they ensure to provide a safe and secure environment for customers. G4S not only protects the security of staff but also protects key assets you might have in your business. They also aim to help retailers increase efficiency and secure the whole retail environment – providing a better shopping experience for their customers.

G4S Careers

If you think you would be interested in a career at G4S then you can head to their website where you will find a number of positions available. G4S is a huge employer, with a current number of around 585, 000 staff which means there are an extensive number of roles available to work in. G4S employees are based all over the world, from Africa, India, North America, and of course, the UK and Ireland. To look at the available vacancies in your area, you will need to follow the link to the careers portal where you can enter the keyword (job title) and your preferred location. You can then select the category that you wish to work in, for example, Engineering, Human Resources or catering/food. If you can’t find any available positions that are suitable for you at the minute, then it might be worth following G4S on their social media platforms as they are often updated with vacancy information. They are also useful as an alternative way of getting in touch with G4S. You can find their latest career Tweets here . 

Number Opening Hours

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Finance 0161 742 3700 9-5
Transport and Logistics 0843 168 0500 9-5
Retail  0161 742 3700 9-5