Expedia Contact Number – 0330 123 1235

Call the Expedia contact number on 0330 123 1235 for any queries that could be related to the services that you have experienced with Expedia, including any holidays booked or problems using the website.


Expedia is a travel website that can be used to book airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages as well as various attractions and services via internet or telephone agents. Expedia was launched in 2001 and uses multiple global distribution systems including Amadeus, Sabre reservation systems, Worldspan and Pegasus, and has its own hotel reservation system for contracted, bulk-rate reservations.

Expedia Customer Services – 0330 123 1235

As an Expedia customer, you might find any number of reasons for why you might need to ring their customer services number, and their customer services team is always ready to answer their phones and help you however you might need it. You might need to call them regarding a general enquiry, which can easily be answered and dealt with when you call 0330 123 1235. You can also call here for any other issue you might have, as the customer services team are ready to deal with any issues you might have to raise.

Manage your flight – 0330 123 1235

If you have found that you’re experiencing problems with the online flight check-in system for the flights that you purchased through Expedia, then by reaching the customer services team on the contact number 0330 123 1235 you can get in touch with someone who can help you understand what’s going wrong and try and make sure that you can solve the problem with their help. You may also need to manage your flight in a variety of other ways, including changing or cancelling your flight with Expedia, which you can also do through calling the customer services team and informing them of your decision. From here, they will make sure you have alll of the information that you need regarding your flight changes and what charges or issues might come up from the change. You can also gain information regarding your flight booking confirmation through the Expedia customer services team, though you might need your flight information to gain access to the details they can give you.

Manage your hotel – 0330 123 1235

You might find that you need to view your hotel booking confirmation, and might be having issues seeing it on the Expedia website, or would like to confirm with a member of the team if there have been any problems, and you can easily do this by calling the customer services number. You can also manage your hotel booking by calling the team, as they will be more than happy to offer you help with any changes that you might have to make to your booking, including cancelling your hotel booking and changing it, possibly to include or remove a guest or see if you can add special services or requirements to your booking. All of this is possible by contacting the Expedia customer services team.

Manage your holiday – 0330 123 1235

If you have found that you need to cancel or change a holiday that you’ve booked with Expedia, then you can easily do that by calling the Expedia customer services team and discussing your reasons and decision with a team member. They will then help you make any changes that are necessary to your holiday booking so that you can always be sure that you are receiving the best services you can get from Expedia.

Refund – 0330 123 1235

If you find that you would like to ask for a refund from Expedia for a service that you have received from them, you can always call the customer services number and ask them about the likelihood of you receiving a refund, and checking whether you are within the refund timeline if you can indeed receive a refund. From here the Expedia customer services team will make sure to help you receive your refund, and you can use this number if you experience any problems with receiving your refund.

Feedback – 0330 123 1235

You might have made the decision that you would like to leave a review on the hotel that you have stayed in with Expedia, whether that may be good or bad, and you can easily have your voice heard by reaching out to the customer services team and letting them know your opinion of your hotel. You can also leave feedback with the customer services team about the Expedia website itself, or the experience you received while using Expedia or one of it’s agents, as you may have had an overwhelmingly positive or negative experience and would like to let the team know so that they can make sure that all customers are receiving the standards that Expedia expects.

Expedia Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0330 123 1235  24/7
Manage your Flight 0330 123 1235  24/7
Manage your Hotel 0330 123 1235  24/7
Manage your Holiday 0330 123 1235  24/7
Refund 0330 123 1235  24/7
Feedback 0330 123 1235  24/7

Other ways to contact Expedia

You could find that your preferred method of communicating with Expedia isn’t over the phone, and if that is how you feel then that is fine, as they offer plenty of alternatives for you to consider. If you want to contact them through social media then you can find their Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll be put in touch with a member of the customer services team that is ready to talk. You might also contact them by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button on their customer services page to access a contact form where you can let them know all of your thoughts regarding the services you’ve received. If you would, instead, prefer to send a letter to them, then you can send it to:

Angel Building,
407 St John Street,

and someone will try and be available to reply to you as soon as possible.