easyJet Contact Number – 0330 365 5000

Call the free easyJet contact number on 0330 365 5000 if you have any queries about any of the services that you have received from the airline, including problems you’ve had organising flights with them or issues you’ve experienced while using their services.


easyJet is a British airline that operates under the low-cost carrier model and is based at London Luton Airport. easyJet operates domestic and international scheduled services over around 820 routes through more than 20 countries. easyJet employs around 11,000 people and has a fleet of 254 aircraft that fly to around 124 destinations. easyJet have 28 bases across Europe, with their largest being placed in Gatwick airport.

easyJet Customer Services – 0330 365 5000


You can contact easyJet customer services for a number of reasons, and you can always rest assured that they will be ready to deal with your comments as quickly and professionally as possible. You might just be calling with a general enquiry about one of their services, as you may want to learn more about how something works before you continue with using the service, and the easyJet team can help you with that when you call 0330 365 5000.

Manage Booking – 0330 365 5000

You can call easyJet if you feel that you need to change your booking with them, as there may be certain details that you need to change like the flight times or routes, or a passenger detail that was entered incorrectly. This can be incredibly useful to make sure that your flight is handled as well as possible and there aren’t any inconsistencies between the details you’ve entered and the details that you expect.

Claim compensation/expenses – 0330 365 5000

If you find that you’ve been involved in a problem with an easyJet service, like a severely delayed or cancelled flight and you would like to inquire about compensation for this, then you can call the customer services team and they can help you with any applications for EC261 compensation that you may be filing. You can also call the easyJet customer services team if you need to claim for expenses that were incurred if your flight was delayed or cancelled and you had to pay for food or hospitality while you waited for the problem to be resolved. Any members of staff that you talk to will be happy to help you however they can.

Boutique Items – 0330 365 5000

If you would like to contact easyJet for help claiming a refund on a boutique item that you purchased, as you are unhappy with the quality of the item or you’ve found that it isn’t how it was advertised, then the customer services team can help you here by organising a solution that will be satisfactory to you regarding the return or refund of the product.

Complaints – 0330 365 5000

You can call the easyJet customer services team if you have any general complaints about the way you have been treated while you are an easyJet customer, and they will try and make sure that any issues that occur will be resolved as quickly and easily as possible.

easyJet Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0330 365 5000  8am-8pm, 7 days a week

Other ways to contact easyJet

If you’re still looking to contact easyJet and don’t want to speak to a member of the staff over the phone, then you can easily contact them in one of the other ways that they provide for you to contact them through.  If you’d like to speak to a member of staff immediately, you can easily use their online chat function which will put you in touch with a member of the customer services team who will be happy to help you as much as they can. You can also contact them through their social media accounts by messaging their Twitter and Facebook accounts and discussing your issues with them there. Finally, if you would prefer to have a longer discussion and don’t mind waiting for replies then you can email them at: customer.resolution@easyjet.com where they will reply to you within 7 days.

If, instead, you would like to write a letter to the easyJet customer services team then you can address it to:

easyJet Head Office,
London Luton Airport,

and a member of the team will reply to you as quickly as they can.