DLA Contact Number – 0345 712 3456

You can reach the DLA customer services by calling 0345 712 3456. The DLA is a living allowance for disabled people in the UK. You can call their contact number to find out if you are eligible to for the payments. In order to receive the payments, you will have to undergo an assessment by the Government. The benefit received by those entitled to DLA is completely tax-free.

About the DLA

The DLA was first established in 1992 and in 2015 it was replaced with the controversial Personal Independence Payment. However, you can still be eligible to receive the original Disability Living Allowance if you are under the age of sixteen or if you are an existing claimant who was over the age of 65 when the 2013 changes were made. If you decide you need to claim DLA or think you are eligible and you are aged between 16 and 64 then you will now need to apply for Personal Independence Payment. If you are receiving DLA and haven’t been alerted about any changes in your programme to Personal Independence Payment, then don’t worry and wait for someone to be in contact with you.

DLA Rates – 0345 712 3456

How much you get depends purely on your circumstances and the rate is made up of 2 components. You will receive more or less DLA depending on how much your disability affects your day to day life. The two components are the care component and the mobility component. With the care component, you can receive the lowest weekly rate of £22 and you will receive this if you only require help for some of the day or a little assistance preparing meals. If your needs are greater than this, you can receive the middle rate of DLA which is charged at £55.65. You will qualify for this rate if you require frequent help or constant supervision during the day or/and at night. The highest care component rate you can receive is £83.10 and you will receive this if you are terminally ill or have circumstances that require constant help and supervision throughout both the day and night. The mobility component only has two rates, the lower rate at £22 if you need guidance and supervision outdoors and the higher rate of £58 if you have a severe walking difficulty. If you need any further info about the components and their rates, please call the contact number during its opening hours.

DLA Payment Periods –  0843 504 0626

Traditionally, DLA is paid every four weeks into the receiver’s bank. All of your benefits, pensions and allowances will be paid into the same bank account. If you do get Disability Living Allowance you may also be entitled to extra benefits or tax credits and it is worth ringing and checking rather than suffering in silence.

DLA Eligibility – 0843 504 7193

If you are over the age of sixteen and are new to DLA you will no longer be able to apply for this type of benefit. Instead, you will have to undergo a Personal Independence Payment assessment which will determine whether you are eligible to receive financial help. Although this is the DLA contact number, you can still give them a call if you would like further information about the Personal Independent Payment process. If you receive a letter saying you need to be assessed, it will simply be to determine the level of help that you need and should not be something that distresses you. Things that you will need to take to the assessment include a driving licence (if you have one) or a birth certificate or passport (either one is fine for confirming your identity).

Number Opening Hours

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services  0345 712 3456 9-5
Payment Rates  0843 504 0626 9-5
Eligibility  0843 504 7193 9-5

Other Ways to Contact

If you would prefer to have a complaint, claim or enquiry in writing, then you can address any letters to the following Disability Benefit Centre. For more information about whether or not you would be eligible to receive financial help due to your current situation, please visit the Government website.

Disability Benefit Centre 4
Post Handling Site B
WV99 1BY