Debenhams Contact Number – 0330 660 0941

Ring the Debenhams contact number on 0330 660 0941 if you have any queries that relate to the purchases that you might have made with the retailer. If you call this number you will be able to discuss any orders that you might have made from a Debenhams store or on their online website.


Debenhams is a British multinational retailer that operates under a department store format in the UK and Ireland, with franchise stores in other countries. Debenhams was founded in 1778 as a single store in London and now has 178 locations through the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. They sell a range of clothing, household items, and furniture and have had a ‘Designers at Debenhams’ brand range since 1993. Their headquarters is in Regent’s Place, Camden, London and they employ around 27,893 people.

Debenhams Customer Services – 0330 660 0941

There could be a lot of reasons that you’d find yourself having to get in touch with the Debenhams customer services team, and they make sure you have the chance to discuss whatever issues you might have found with Debenhams services. By calling 0330 660 0941 you’ll be given the opportunity to talk to someone from the customer services team who is more than happy to answer any questions you might have, including about services like their made to measure curtains and their gift cards and vouchers. You will also find the chance to talk to the team about their personal finance, their Debenhams cards, the Debenhams insurance that you can buy from the store and their travel money services. Debenham offers many services to their customers, so there could be a whole range of services that you would like to talk to them about, so by speaking to the customer services team you can be sure that your comments will always be heard.

Online large electricals and laptops – 0148 448 1361

If you need to reach out to the customer services team regarding any of the large electricals or laptops that you’ve purchased from their online store and would like to arrange their delivery or make a comment about the service you’ve received while ordering the products then you can call 0148 448 1361 and there will be someone available to speak to you about what you need.

Online flowers, wines, hampers and personalised gifts – 0203 696 1129

If you’ve made a purchase on the Debenhams website for flowers, wines, hampers or another personalised gift and you would like to arrange the delivery of the gift then you can call 0203 696 1129 where someone from the customer services team will be able to discuss any needs that you have regarding the gift, and if there is anything specific that you need Debenhams to do for you.

General Enquiries – 0344 800 8877

You can also call the Debenhams customer services team for any general enquiries that you might have on 0344 800 8877, where a member of the team will be happy to hear any comments or complaints that you might have surrounding the services that you’ve received from Debenhams. They always want to make sure their customers have the best experience possible so they’ll be happy to hear any feedback you have for them.

Debenhams Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0330 660 0941  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Online large electricals and laptops 0148 448 1361  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Online flowers, wines, hampers and personalised gifts 020 3696 1129  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
General Enquiries 0344 800 8877  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Other ways to contact Debenhams

You might decide that you don’t want to contact Debenhams through their telephone numbers and that you would prefer to reach out to them in other ways, and that’s fine as they provide many ways for you to speak to their customer services team. If you’d prefer to talk to them via the access you are provided through social media, then you can use their Facebook or Twitter accounts to talk to a team member and let them know what your issue might be. You can also access a contact form on their website that will let you input any complaints or comments that you might have. If you’d prefer to write a letter to Debenhams then you can send it to this address:

Debenhams Customer Services,
4th Floor, 10 Brock St,
Regents Place,
London NW1 3FG

and a member of staff will be happy to talk to you.