Child Maintenance Group

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The Child Maintenance Group is an organisation based in the United Kingdom that provides benefits for those that earn under a certain amount, and have children. You can contact them on the number above. The most recent type of child maintenance was launched in 2012 and is a successor of the Child Maintenance Service.

About the Child Maintenance Group

Child Maintenance was created with the aim of providing financial support for your child’s everyday living costs when parents are separated. Child maintenance can be arranged between you and your ex-partner privately which is known as a family based arrangement where no-one else need be involved. However, if you can’t come to a personal agreement then you are invited to use the Child Maintenance Group to help you come to some sort of financial arrangement.

Child Maintenance Group Responsibilities

The main responsibility of the child maintenance group is to ensure that you are not struggling to provide for your child, no matter what your personal circumstances. if you have not come to any family based arrangement with the other parent of the child then the Child Maintenance Group will step in to ensure you are both paying your share. If you do not know where your partner is, the service can help to track them down, attempt to sort out any disagreements about parentage and work out in as fair a way as possible, how much child maintenance should be paid from each parent. it will be arranged for the parent who does not have full day to day care responsibilities of the child, to pay child maintenance. If the relationship is not amicable, then child maintenance will pass the payments from the paying parent onto the full-time parent and the payment amount will be reviewed every year. If you are having problems coming to an agreement regarding your child maintenance payments then you can call the child maintenance contact number. Once you are through to an advisor they can explain a little more about the process to help your understanding of how it works and answer any questions you might have about your financial situation.

Your Child Maintenance Account

If you pay Child Maintenance, you can manage your case online by simply setting up a self-service account. The fastest way to do this is via the Government website. If you already have an account, you can log into it at any time by heading to the Child Maintenance website and clicking on the client’s section. To log into your account you will need your government gateway details, your username and your client PIN and all this can be retrieved from the Child Maintenance Group. You will need to ensure that you are enrolled in the service before you attempt to log in.

Your Eligibility

If your child is under 16 years of age, under 20 and in full-time education or under 20 and still living with a parent then you will be entitled to child maintenance payments. You can apply for payments if you are the parent that the child lives with or the parent that the child doesn’t live with, a grandparent or registered as the child’s carer or fi you are a child over the age of 12 living in Scotland. You can’t apply for child maintenance if the child lives outside of the UK. If you are not eligible to use child maintenance services then you can get help from other child maintenance options which are listed on the Government website.

Applying for Child Maintenance

To apply for child maintenance, you will need details about the child you are applying for payment for, your national insurance number and your account details if you are having money transferred over to the child’s full-time carer. The application fee for help from the child maintenance service is £20. Once this is paid, most child maintenance applications are processed within one month and the first child maintenance payment is usually made within six weeks of everything being finalised.

Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
The Child Maintenance Group 9-5
Your Account 9-5
Eligibility 9-5
Applying 9-5

Other ways to Contact

The best way to speak to an expert advisor is by getting in touch on the phone number listed above. team members understand that applying for child maintenance can be a stressful time and are available to help make the situation as hassle free as possible. However, if you want an alternative form of contact, then you can write to child maintenance, addressing your letter to:

Child Maintenance Service
PO Box 252
GL17 1AP