Budgeting Loans

The contact number for Budgeting Loan is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

0800 169 0140

Looking to make an enquiry about a Budgeting Loan? Then speak to the Jobcentre Plus to make a request, or ask for a claim form to be sent to your address.

Budgeting Loans Contact Numbers

Department Opening Hours
Customer Services 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday
Request a Form 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday
Applying for a budgeting loan 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday
Eligibility 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday
Paying back your budgeting loan 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday
Social fund 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday

Applying for a budgeting loan

Phone the Budgeting Loans customer service number, to check whether or not you are eligible to receive a Budgeting Loan.

Using this number they will be able to give you a clear estimation of the money you could possibly receive, as well as information on when you’ll be expected to pay it back and the amounts that you will have to pay back on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the number above to apply, but you can apply online with ease. If you apply online, you’ll be told whether you have been offered a loan within 15 working days. If you then accept that loan offered to you, you will receive the money within 11 working days.

The loan is paid into your bank, building society or credit union account. This is the most efficient way of applying for a budgeting loan.

Request a form from the Social Fund

Use the number, to contact the Social Fund and request an SF500 form to be sent to you for you to apply for your budgeting loan.

Use this number if you would prefer to apply for your Budgeting Loan through the form, which can take up to 19 working days for your application to be processed. When you phone this number for a form, they will inform you that your form make take up to five working days to arrive.

Return the completed form by post or hand it into your local Jobcentre Plus.

Where to send your form

London, the South and South East, North East and North West England


West Midlands, South West England and Scotland


East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, East Anglia and Essex



For Cwmbran, Newport and postcodes CF3, 5, 10-11, 14-15, 23-24, 31-48, 61-64, 71-72, 81-83, LD7, LL and SY:


For Carmarthen, Llanelli and postcodes CF4, 6-9, 12-13, 16-22, 25-30, 49-60, 65-70, 73-80, LD1-6 and LD8:


How Budgeting Loans work

Budgeting Loans are designed to provide some ease for people who are on benefits and need something unexpected. Budgeting loans can help pay for:

  • Clothing or footwear
  • Furniture or household items, such as a washing machine
  • Maintenance, improvements or security for your home
  • Rent in advance or the costs linked with moving to a new home
  • Travelling costs within the UK
  • Costs linked to getting a new job
  • Maternity or funeral costs
  • Repaying hire purchase loans
  • Repaying loans taken for the above items

Eligibility for a Budgeting Loan

Phone the number, to find out if you are eligible for a Budgeting Loan. The customer service team will be able to tell you if you can apply for a loan once you have provided them with the information about the types of benefits you receive and how long you have been on them.

How much Budgeting Loan you could get

Contact the Budgeting Loan department of the Job Centre Plus, to find out how much Budgeting Loan you could borrow. They will explain how much you’re entitled too, depending on your situation, which differs if you’re single if you have a partner, and whether or not you claim Child Benefit.

Using this number you can find out specifically the money you can borrow depending on factors such as savings if you already have a Budgeting Loan or Crisis Loan, and other factors too.

How you pay it back

Phone the number to find out when you are due to start paying back your Budgeting Loan and find out how much money will be taken out of your benefits.

Budgeting Loans are interest-free so you will only pay back what you borrow.