BT Contact Number – 0800 800150

The best way to get in touch with BT is by calling the BT customer services contact number on 0800 800150  for queries that relate to your network connections or questions that you might have about any of BT’s products. You can also discuss any urgent complaints.

About BT

BT stands for British Telecommunications and is a telecommunications company based in London. It operates in over 180 companies and has grown significantly since it was first established way back in 1846. BT is best known for its phone and broadband services, supplying many homes in the UK and you can find a list of BT’s services on their website.

Customer Services – 0800 800150

You might need to ring the BT customer services number because you are having trouble with your current service or have some questions about how it works. You might be considering taking out a contract with BT but would like to know a little more about the company before you do so. Similarly, you might have just become a BT customer but are having issues with the set up of your package. The BT customer services number is free of charge and a friendly advisor will ensure that you get the answers that you are looking for. Please note that the number can become busy at times and that your patience is greatly appreciated. BT will ensure that you can speak to someone as soon as possible. Some of the departments that you can speak to through customer services include BT TV, BT Sport, Broadband, Landline and Mobile. If you have a package, you can speak to a professional about your bundle which includes broadband and sport, broadband and landline and broadband and mobile. Call BT on 0800 800 150 to speak to the customer service department about contracts and services, BT TV, BT Sport and Broadband. When you call 0800 800 150, you’ll be put through to the BT switchboard and you can press 3 to speak to a customer services operator. Once you select a menu option, you can speak to the operator about any queries you have as a BT customer or have them answer any questions about any of their products.

Infinity Fibre Broadband –  0870 042 0482

The best way to discover some great BT products is by visiting the BT website. The website includes a range of information about each product so that you can decide which one is best for you and your needs. If it’s a good wifi connection that you’re after then you might want to consider BT’s Infinity fibre broadband which is designed to give you better wifi coverage and ideal if there are several users in the same household. The website allows you to compare standard broadband with Infinity to see which one is best for you. Unlimited usage is also available from both services. Call the Infinity Fibre contact number on 0870 042 0482 for information about usage, speeds and what is available on different packages.

BT Mobile – 0844 776 9616

BT mobile provides a super speedy 4G connection to all of their customers as well as unlimited internet connection straight to their phones from any of their publicly available hot spots. BT Mobile has some great deals on some big name brands so it is definitely worth considering switching to them if you haven’t already. You can find information about how to switch to BT Mobile by calling 0844 776 9616. After you have dialled this number, opt for ‘new customers’ on the menu and here you can speak to an advisor about setting up your BT mobile account for the very first time. When you have called the number, your details will be taken and the advisor will go about switching your account from your old operator over to BT – so you don’t have to! If you do choose to switch, your phone will be delivered the next working day and if you are unsatisfied, then you have free returns in the bag. Another advantage is that there will be no additional roaming charges when travelling to 47 different countries.

Your BT Account –  0800 100 400

If you are an existing BT customer, you will be able to access all the details of your contract online, simply by logging into your BT account on the BT home page. You will need to enter your username (which is usually your email address) and a password of your choice. if you have forgotten your log in details, call the BT customer services number and someone can help you log in. If you notice any unusual activity on your account or your bill seems significantly higher than usual, please do get in touch. There are a few reasons why you might need to get in touch with BT about your account, and the easiest way to do so is by calling 0800 100 400 and selectingthe ‘account’ option. You will be asked to confirm your identity by answering a security question or confirming your PIN.

Opening Hours

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services  0800 800150 9-5
Infinity Fibre Broadband  0870 042 0482 9-5
BT Mobile  0844 776 9616 9-5
Your Account  0800 100 400 9-5

Other Ways to get in Touch

Alternative ways to reach a BT advisor is to write to the BT head office at the following address:

81 Newgate Street, LONDON, EC1A

or to chat live to their customer service team by clicking here .