Amazon UK Contact Number – 0800 279 7234

To contact Amazon UK’s customer services to make an enquiry about a product you have bought, a delivery or to make a complaint call 0800 279 7234

About Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce site, with separate sites for multiple countries and over $130 billion in revenue (2016). Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and was originally called ‘Cadabra inc’ but was quickly changed after a lawyer misheard it as ‘Cadaver’. Bezos purchased the URL ‘’ and considered naming his company relentless but was told it sounded too sinister for an online bookstore. Amazon was chosen by stumbling across the word in the dictionary and like the definition of ‘exotic and different’ and thought that this definition was a good description for what he imagined his company to be. went live in 1995 and sold the first book in July 1995 which was ‘Fluid concepts & creative analogies: computer models of the fundamental mechanisms of thought.’. Amazon started to slowly sell more and more products and now sells everything from books to laptops to pool toys or astronaut food, you can buy basically anything on Amazon now.

Amazon Technology

Amazon first brought out the Kindle in 2007, an e-reader that allowed you to download books and take them anywhere with minimal storage needed, the Kindle sold out within 5 and a half hours and didn’t become available again until 6 months later in 2008. Then in 2011 Amazon came out with the Kindle Fire a tablet not just for reading books but for searching the internet and playing games. Amazon Fire TV launched in 2014 and was originally a small box and they quickly released the Fire TV Stick which was a compact version of the box that could be stuck into the HDMI port of your tv. They discontinued the original generations of the fire tv and fire stick replacing them with the much improved second generation which is currently still available. Amazon then released the Amazon Echo a wireless speaker with voice control in 2015. The Amazon Echo can be controlled by saying ‘Alexa’ the name of the software. The echo dot, a smaller version of the echo, designed to be used in rooms such as the bedroom and connects to the larger echo, was released in 2016. Amazon is known for their development of interesting and modern technology to make life easier for their customers.

Complaining to Amazon – 0800 279 7234

To make a complaint to Amazon call 0800 279 7234, if you’re complaining about an order or delivery make sure you have your order number and details and are prepared to explain the problem you have experienced. alternatively, you can contact them through the contact us page on their website where they link to multiple different information pages to help you with topics such as missing parcels, cancelling orders, tracking parcels, managing payment methods, changing passwords or emails, returning items and general Amazon community help. When Amazon has received your complaint they aim to resolve it within 48 hours if you are unhappy with the resolution or have not heard back from Amazon please contact them again.

Returning items

To return an item you must log in to your Amazon account and print off the label and authorisation form. Prepare your package by attaching the label to the front of your box, place your items in the box as well as the returns authorisation. Then take your items to your local post office to send it. Please allow up to 14 days for your return to be processed. If you have had a problem with your return you can call the number listed above to contact someone on the customer service team.

Finding a Missing Parcel

Start with contacting the carrier delivering your parcel, ask if they have any information on where your parcel is, you will need your tracking number and delivery confirmation (to find the contact information of your carrier go to ‘our carriers‘). If the tracking for your order saying delivered but you have not received your package check if anyone else in your household has received it, check with your neighbours or around the front of your property sometimes carriers leave your item in a safe place, look for attempted delivery notice, if no sign of your parcel contact carrier. please be aware that some carries deliver till 10 pm.

Company Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Services  0800 279 7234 24hrs 7days