Addison Lee Contact Number

020 7407 9000

If you wish to contact Addison Lee about a journey,  a courier or to make a complaint call the number above.

About Addison Lee

Addison Lee has been a business car service since 1975 growing to complete around 10 million journeys yearly in London and operating in around 350 cities worldwide. Addison Lee is Londons biggest executive fleet of Mercedes cars, all cars are fitted with 4G wifi and a phone charger allowing you to continue your work even out of the office. Addison Lee’s prices stay the same with no ‘surge charges’ at peak times like competitors such as Uber as well as being able to book cares up to 3 months in advance. The average on-demand pick up time in London is 10 minutes and 98% of bookings arrive on time. You can pay with cash, card, PayPal or Addison Lee priority account making traveling a lot easier.

Working for Addison Lee

There are many ways you can work for or with Addison Lee. If you’re interested in partnering your business with Addison Lee click here to explore the brand partnerships page or to submit your idea, Addison Lee has partnered with Taste of London, London Fashion week and Pride of London successfully in recent years. Addison Lee employs over 900 people at their head office in London as well as having thousands of drivers, to look for vacancies at the head office click here. Driving for Addison Lee comes with lots of bonuses such as not having to pay for your car if you reach your weekly targets, rent a car for only £190 a week, save £10k a year on the running cost of your vehicle and the potential to complete training for qualifications. To be a driver with Addison Lee you need to speak fluent English, a full drivers license and a relevant local private hire license and excellent service. To apply to be a driver click here.

Business accounts

If you’re a business and would like to start using Addison Lee for your business travel click here to register. Business accounts with Addison Lee come with an account manager and 24/7 support to help you with any problems you may face. The average pick up time for a business car is around 7 minutes and each executive car comes with 4G wifi as well as chargers to help you stay connected to the office even when you’re traveling. To book with your business account you can use the app, the website or call your account manager if your request is something a little more specific. Addison Lee’s managing portal gives you complete control over your account allowing you to view all bookings, user administration and other activity on the account. To call the priority account team contact the number above. Alternatively, email:

Personal accounts

To create a personal account with Addison Lee click here. You can enjoy discounts such as 10% off Executive and courier bookings and 20% off airport journeys. All Addison Lee drivers are trained to guarantee your safety at all times and all vehicles have 4G wifi and phone chargers. Personal priority accounts give you shorter waiting times, 10% off courier and executive bookings, the ability to pay monthly with direct debit savings and are perfect for frequent travelers to apply for personal priority click here. Personal profiles are great for people who want the great service of Addison Lee when they need it allowing simple bookings online or on the app and the ability to earn loyalty rewards with club Lee points as well as exclusive discounts. To sign up for a personal profile click here.

Clublee membership

Addison Lee has a reward system that allows you to earn points every time you ride, 1 ride = 1 point. The more you travel the more exclusive rewards become available for you. When you sign up and start using Addison Lee you’re automatically signed up to Clublee.

Clublee White

Clublee white is what you start with, you earn a £10 off your first booking on the app with HELLO10 and you have access to Addison Lee’s white tier partner offers.

Clublee Silver

To earn this membership you need to have earned 10 points per year, this membership allows you to jump the queue on weekend pickups, you will get silver discounts at peak times and access to the silver tier partner offers.

Clublee Gold

You need to have earned 30 points per year for this membership and you will be able to jump queues more often with a faster average pickup time as well as gold discounts at peak hours, no extra charge on ‘CycleCab’ and ‘Large-Cars’ and access to the Gold partner offers.

Clublee Black

This is the highest tier of Clublee membership with the fastest pickup times in London, invitations to exclusive events, access to the black partner offers and free upgrades to Executive cars if available. You need to have earned 100 points per year for this membership.

Contacting Addison Lee

To complain to Addison Lee about a driver, an arrival time, a payment, lost property or something else click here to fill out a form to contact Addison Lee, it will ask for your full name, email, phone number, account number, booking number and a description of the problem you faced. Once you have submitted this Addison Lee will try their best to contact as soon as possible with a reply.

Addison Lee Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Personal Accounts Monday-Friday: 8.30am-6pm
Business Accounts Monday-Friday: 8.30am-6pm
Clublee Account Monday-Friday: 8.30am-6pm