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If you’ve ever needed to contact a company over the phone, you’ll know that it can sometimes be difficult to reach them, as they hide their number and push you towards other methods of customer service such as live chat and email support. At A Big Hello, we have found contact numbers for some of the major brands in the UK including Aviva, Barclays and Littlewoods. By calling the numbers that have been listed, you should be able to resolve any queries quickly.

If you want to contact Addison Lee Customer Services, this number is the one to call in order to do so. We can connect to their UK based office in no time.

Looking to contact Airbnb? Perhaps you would like to know all about one of their properties. This number can be used in order to contact their customer service team.

Aldi Customer Services can be hard tdo track down. Use this number and we will connect you directly to their UK based call service.

You can call the Amazon contact number for assistance with orders that you have placed online or help with your Amazon Prime account. This number can also be used for help with other Amazon services like Amazon Tickets.

Contact Anglian Water customer service to report an issue with your water supply, to set up a change of address or query a charge on your water bill. You can also get advice on what to do if there is a leak, and guidance on how to read your water meter.

If you need to contact Ann Summers, you can use this number in order to do so. This will put you through to their customer services team.

Do you shop at ASDA for your weekly groceries? If you need to make a complaint, or you would like to discuss an issue you have had in store, you can do so on the ASDA Customer Services line.

ASOS offer beautiful outfits in one easy to navigate website. If you would like to speak with the ASOS Customer Service team, you can do so on this number.

If you need to call the Aviva contact number, you can find it on our site. You can speak to the support team about a new policy, making a claim or renewing an existing policy.

Banking with Barclays shouldn’t be complicated. You should be able to call the Barclays customer support team at any time to report your card lost/stolen, find out your account balance or set up a new payment.

Looking for the best deal on local hotels? Booking.com is one of the best comparison websites going. If you would like to know more about their hotels, contact the Booking.com Customer Services.

If you love finding the latest beauty trends, Boots have it all, from new scents to amazing make-up collections. Contact Boots to find out more.

If you need to book a flight, you can call British Airways customer service. You’ll also be able to get accurate information about delays, book in-flight extras such as seat upgrades and get a refund for cancelled flights.

If you are a British Gas account holder, you can call to ask a representative a query about your energy supply. You can arrange for them to come out and repair your boiler, discuss a payment issue or get information about managing a smart meter.

The BT contact number is available on our site. You can add extras to an existing package or create a new one entirely when you call or speak to a member of the team about cancelling your BT contract.

If you are planning to buy home improvement equipment from B&Q and you need support, simply call their customer service number. You can get product advice, check store stock and enquire about refunds.

One of the best ways to get financial support from the Government is to enquire about their Budgeting Loans. To do this, you can call the budgeting loans helpline, where a representative will walk you through the application process or advise you of payment dates.

As a Capital One account holder, you might need to speak to the Capital One customer service team about the best credit card for your needs. In unfortunate circumstances, you might need to call to report that your card has been stolen or lost.

If you have purchased a new phone from Carphone Warehouse and you need technical support, call the Carphone Warehouse contact number, where a representative will happily assist you.

If you are in the middle of managing a child support payment, call the Child Maintenance Group to discuss the case. You can also use this number to set up a new maintenance payment.

If you are in need of car, van, or home insurance, contact Churchill to discuss opening a new policy, to enquire about an existing claim or to make a complaint about a replacement you were given.

Contact Debenhams for all things fashion, beauty and accessories. Or, use the number as a means to a make a complaint, your call!!

Call Diamond Insurance for information about female driver’s insurance. This includes making a claim and renewing your policy.

If you own a Dell product and you need technical assistance, call a Dell customer service representative using the number on our site.

If you need to report a missing parcel or track a delivery, we have the DHL contact number available. Here, you can speak to a member of staff to determine your parcel’s whereabouts.

If you are a claimant of DLA, or you wish to apply, you can call the DLA contact number to determine whether you are eligible and to find out more information about the application process.

Has your DPD delivery failed to arrive on time? Or perhaps you were unhappy with how your parcel was handled. You can call the DPD customer service team to track a parcel or to make a complaint.

If you are a driver in the UK, there are times where you may need to contact the DVLA. This could be to apply for a provisional licence, order a new photocard licence or to report a medical condition which might affect your driving.

Having trouble with your Dell computer? Contact the Dell Customer Services and someone from the team will be able to assist you with troubleshooting and more.

Dyson offers everything from hoovers to hairdryers and even bladeless fans. If you want to contact Dyson, you can do so using this number.

Fan of gaming? Contact EA of the latest gaming news, offers and more.

Easyjet offers thousands of cheap flights and deals throughout the year. If you would like to find out the latest deal, you can do so by calling the Easyjet Contact Number.

eBay is a website that offers hundreds of thousands of different items. Looking for a car? You got it. Want an industrial oven? Yep, they have that too! Call the eBay team if you have a query.

EDF Energy is a popular provider of gas and electricity. You might need to call the EDF Energy customer service team to report a problem with your supply, tell them that you’re moving or to provide a meter reading.

As an EE account holder, there are occasions where you may need to get in touch with a customer service representative to manage the payment of your bill, to make a complaint about your level of signal or to upgrade your existing contract.

You can manage your insurance policy online courtesy of Esure, and you can call the Esure customer support team using the number on our site. This number can be used for claims, and managing an existing policy.

eHarmony offers dating advise, tips, tricks, and can hook you up with local singles. If you would like to know more, you can contact eHamrony on their customer service line.

Having control of your credit report is very important, so you can call the Equifax contact number to get support regarding the information on your credit report.

Expedia is a service that puts you first, contact Expedia today in order to find the latest deals specifically for you.

Experian has a range of services to help you manage your credit score, so call Experian customer services to get advice on building your credit rating.

If you manage your energy supply with E.ON, occasionally you might need to contact E.ON customer service for support with your account, changing your tariff or to report a problem with your supply.

As a customer of First Utility, you may need to call customer service to manage your account, to tell them that you’re moving house or to report an issue with your First Utility supply.

If you are concerned about security, call G4S for support with choosing the right security product for your requirements.

As a customer of Game, you can call the Game contact number to pre-order a console or game, find out about the trade-in value of an item you own or to get technical support.

If you are a Go Skippy customer, you can call the Go Skippy support team for help with a new policy, making a claim or renewing your existing policy.

Are you having an issue with a Groupon code, voucher or product? You can call the customer service team for advice on how to redeem your code or get a refund.

If you are buying or selling something on Gumtree, you may occasionally need support from the Gumtree customer service team. This could be due to a payment dispute or a mis-sold item.

As a Halifax customer, you can manage your account over the phone by calling the Halifax contact number. This allows you to see your balance, make payments and apply for other financial services such as loans and credit cards.

If you are a car, van or home insurance customer, you can call Hastings Direct for assistance with making a claim or managing your policy.

As a UK citizen, you will need to liaise with HMRC customer service from time to time. This could be regarding your self-assessment tax return or a tax refund.

Call Homebase for instructions on how to find your nearest Homebase store, for advice on returning a faulty product or assistance with using a product.

If you bank with HSBC, you can contact the customer service team on via the HSBC Contact Number.

Claiming Income Support can be a difficult time, so we have got the Income Support number available to help you understand your application and eligibility.

Fan of the Swedish giant IKEA? Have a complaint to make? You can do so on the IKEA Contact number. Someone will be able to assist you ASAP.

Flying with Jet2 may require you to call the Jet2 customer service number. This could be to get information about delays and strikes or to pre-book a seat.

Just Eat offer customers thousands of restaurants and takeaways at their fingertips. Contact Just Eat for information on a restaurant, or if you want to make a complaint.

If you are a recipient of Jobseeker’s Allowance, you may need to speak to the Jobseeker’s Allowance support team to get advice on your eligibility and finding work.

As a customer of PC World or Curry’s, you can get technical support and advice on products by calling Knowhow.

Contact KFC for more information on their menu, to discuss a complaint, or to see if KFC delivery in your area of the UK.

KLM offer airfares at cheap prices and release sales throughout the year. For information on deals suited to you, call KLM on their contact number.

Knowhow is a repair service that offers repairs for big brand names right here in the UK. If you have an item repaired by them and would like to contact them, call the Knowhow Customer Service team.

You can order a range of clothing and electrical items through Littlewoods. If you are having difficulty placing an order or wish to return an item, call Littlewoods customer service.

Call the Lloyds Bank telephone number for assistance with managing your current account, applying for a loan, getting credit or making a transaction.

As an MBNA credit card holder, you may occasionally need to speak to the customer service team for help with managing your payments.

Looking to make a complaint to the McDonalds Customer Services? This number will allow you to do so.

Megabus offers thousands of offers on train and bus travel throughout the UK. You can book with Megabus online, or via the phone using the Megabus Contact Number.

If you have your car or home insurance with More Than, you can call the phone number to get help with your policy.

As the owner of a Microsoft product or software, you might need to get technical support from the Microsoft team. You can do this by calling the Microsoft contact number.

If you have an enquiry about your Nationwide current account or another of their services, you can get support over the phone by calling Nationwide customer services.

National Express is an affordable way to travel around the UK by coach. You can call the National Express contact number to book tickets, get help managing your route or make a complaint.

If you are planning on travelling by train, calling National Rail is a useful way to find out journey times and book tickets.

If you have a NatWest account, you can manage it over the phone by calling the Natwest telephone number.

Watching Netflix is an easy way to pass the time. If you are having an issue with your subscription, call the Netflix UK support number.

You can make an order with Next online or over the phone, as well as shop in the store. Contact Next if you wish to check stock or process a return.

If your energy supply is managed by Npower, you might need to call the Npower customer support team for assistance with your supply or payment of a bill.

As an O2 account holder, you can call the customer support team to upgrade your contract, get technical support or make a complaint about the signal.

If you have booked a holiday or recently travelled with On the Beach, you may need to contact the On the Beach customer support team to change an aspect of your booking or to give feedback on your holiday.

Having problems with your broadband supply? This could be resolved simply by calling Openreach, where an operative can investigate any known issues with your supply.

If you are a Plusnet customer, you might want to call the Plusnet customer support department for assistance with upgrading your broadband, reporting an issue with your connection or leaving the company.

If you need to send a parcel or you want assistance with sending off a passport application, calling the Post Office customer support team can help.

Looking for help with your Paypal account? Perhaps you have purchased something and it hasn’t arrived yet? Contact Paypal using their customer contact number and someone will be able to help you as soon as possible.

Plusnet provides mobile service, hotspots and other services for their customers. You can contact the team at the Plusnet Contact Number.

Looking for information on the latest games from PlayStation? Call the Playstation Customer Service number and a member of the team will assist you further.

In the event that you get stranded on the road, calling the RAC support number will ensure that you get back on the road safely and quickly, thanks to their dedicated repair team.

If you are an RBS account holder, calling the RBS telephone banking team can help you manage your account 24/7.

Sending a parcel, or awaiting delivery of one using Royal Mail? If you are having difficulty, call the Royal Mail contact number.

Rockstar Games is responsible for many loved games that have been released over the years. To get in touch, call their customer service line.

If you’re looking for cheap flights, why not consider Ryanair? Alternatively, you can make a complaint using the relevant number on their page.

Do you get your groceries from Sainsburys? Would you like to know more about their range? Or perhaps you would like to make a complaint. Call them today and someone will help you further.

Contact Selfridges today if you would like to know more about the deals they have on offer, or if you would like to know more about the stock of a product.

If you are a Sky customer and you need to upgrade your account, cancel your subscription or make a complaint about the service, call the Sky customer service team.

Looking for a travel service, or if you would like some information on route prices, contact Southall Travel, where someone will help you as soon as possible.

After new running gear, trainers for sports, or you’re looking for something a bit more specific, call Sports Direct Customer Service.

If you need help with your student finance application, advise on the service or more, call the Student Finance Helpline.

Subway provide customers with sandwiches, salads and a range of sides. To make a complaint or to enquire about a product, call the Subway Contact Number.

Looking for a new contract, number or you would like to switch to Talk Talk, contact their team in order to do so. Similarly, if you would like to switch to or from Three, you can do so by calling their dedicated Three Helpline.

Hoping to attend a music or sporting event? Call Ticketmaster to book tickets, get assistance with attending an event or to make a complaint.

TNT is a parcel delivery company. If you’re waiting for a parcel or for a courier to pick up a parcel from your address, call the TNT contact number.

Tesco is a supermarket chain here in the UK. They provide customers with electrical, household and beauty goods as well – contact Tesco in order to make a complaint or about a query you have.

If you live in the UK, you need a TV licence in order for you to watch TV. For more information, call TV Licensing.

Urban Outfitters provides alternative clothing. For information on sizing and stock estimates, call the Urban Outfitters Helpline.

Travelling around London is easy, courtesy of Transport for London (TFL) who provide the tube and bus services. If you need information about the services or tickets, call the TFL customer service team.

For information on the Very take three accounts, or for information about a certain product, call the Very customer services today.

For deals on travel between the UK and the US, call Virgin Atlantic on their customer helpline. Someone will be able to help you as soon as they are available.

If you are a Virgin Media subscriber, you will know that it can be difficult to reach their customer service team. However, you can call Virgin Media for assistance with upgrading your account or making a complaint.

As a Vodafone customer, you may need to call the Vodafone support team for technical advice, to upgrade your contract or to report a loss of service.

If you shop at Waitrose, you will know that they offer a range of goods, from groceries to meal deals. Contact Waitrose today if you have an issue with the level of service you have received.

Wonga provides loans and finance options to those in the UK who need a little help with their money situation. Call Wonga today for more information on loan options.

If you’re into your gaming, XBOX provides some of the best and leading games out there. If you would like to know about new games, or need to speak to someone about your account, call them today.

Waiting for a big delivery? Yodel deliver parcels for hundreds of services througout the UK. If you would like to track your item, call the Yodel team.

Zara provides clothing for women, men and children. If you would like to make a query about an item, or if you would like to check the stock of an item, call the Zara team and someone will help you.